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Alberta Education for Parents
This site provides information about Education in Alberta specifically for parents. Areas of interest include: Role of Parents, Out Education System, Early Childhood Services, School Choice, Resources for Parents and Additional Programs and Services.

My Child's Learning a Parent Resource
Alberta is committed to creating an inclusive education system that inspires and enables all students to achieve success and fulfillment as engaged thinkers and ethical citizens, with an entrepreneurial spirit.
Parents play an important role in shaping the way their children view learning. As a parent, you understand more than anyone else how your child learns and processes information. This resource will provide you with a better understanding of Alberta’s curriculum and how you can help your child. Here, you’ll discover what your child is learning, how they’re assessed and what resources are available to help them be successful from Kindergarten to Grade 12.
This resource also contains information on the variety of educational choices you have for your child, such as Catholic education and French immersion programming.

Mathematics Curriculum Updates
Alberta Education has recently shared clarifications to the Alberta Mathematics Kindergarten to Grade 9 Program of Studies and the teacher support resource Alberta K-9 Mathematics Achievement Indicators. Both are available on the Alberta Education Mathematics Webpage (Also in French). 

Here are a few highlights of the other supports available on the mathematics webpage:

  • Facts about Mathematics Education in Alberta for Parents that answer key questions that parents may have about mathematics education in Alberta
  • Bulletin for Teachers: Helping Parents Understand the Alberta Mathematics Kindergarten to Grade 9 Program of Studies that clarifies program expectations and supports parental engagement
  • Eleven fact sheets for Parents of students in K-9 describing key clarifications to the math program
  • Six fact sheets for Parents and High School Students explaining the three high school course sequences
  • FAQs for Parents , Students and Educators to answer common questions regarding learning math in Alberta.
  • Videos showing Mathematics in action:
    • Five videos for Parents  that show how elementary students communicate, solve problems, use technology and apply strategies in mathematics.
    • Seven videos and accompanying fact sheets featuring each of the Mathematical Processes;  
    • Four videos to promote awareness of the program and the nature of the program (Math: It's everywhere)  

 Curriculum Development Prototyping
Holy Spirit Catholic School Division is proud to be a part of a consortium of 18 School Jurisdictions collaborating on curriculum development prototyping.


The Alberta Education website explains what Curriculum Development Prototyping is and how this new process of developing curriculum brings the vision of Inspiring Education to life.

The Inspired Curriculum website is a place where our consortium, as well as the public, is invited to come together to learn more about our process and to contribute to the conversations.

Here is a sneak peak at some of the ideas that are being developed within our consortium.

Save the Date: A Curriculum Development Prototyping Symposium will be held on December 1 & 2. 2014. 

Learn Alberta
You will need to ask your child or their teacher for the username and password for this marvelous website.  It is a collection of grade and subject specific online resources that directly support the Alberta curriculum.
This site has online practice exams for the students in Kindergarten to Grade 12 in Alberta. Practice questions are scored online with immediate results provided to you and your child. Once again, you will need to obtain a password from your child or their teacher.
This site is an amazing collection of resources for parents, teachers and students of all grade levels and is based on Alberta curriculum.  The 2Learn Website is designed by teachers and is continually being improved by input from teachers from around the province.


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