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This teacher page will be updated as required based upon themes and lessons instructed throughout the year. Student assessments are entered in Powerschool and will be updated as assignments are completed. This will vary depending upon the nature of the work and required timelines.

Please feel free to contact me at my email or by calling the school at 403.327.3402. I will be happy to help you. Please know that emails will be responded to as soon as possible.

 Emails sent after the completion of the school day will not be opened until the commencement of the next school day.

Novel review due dates for 2017-18. These are hard due dates. No lates accepted!

#2 January 17
#3 April 9
#4 June 8


Sept 12 Finish plan for friendly letter (lettre amicale)

Sept 13 Commplete rough draft of friendly letter

Sept 15 Plan, rough draft with corrections and good copy due

Sept 20 complete the verb commencer for your mini-bescherelle

Sept 25 work on your flag, your founding principle and your national anthem Due Friday

Oct 20 - You should have at least up to page 12 done of your homophones

Oct 23 Complete homophones package

Oct 25 Finish work on mini-bescherelle

Nov 1 Finish your next two verbs

Nov 6 French prayer due tomorrow

Nov 13 Mini-bescherele is now comlete. Have your Lettre amicale notes with you tomorrow

Nov 14 Is your plan done?

Nov 15 lettre amicale good copy due tomorrow


Études sociales 7

Sept 7 Finish your definition for citoyennete active for beginning of class tomorrow

Sept 8 Complete concept sheet in its entirety for Monday

Sept 11 complete concept cle ch 1 (15 minutes to colour tomorrow)

Sept 12 Finish vocab ch 1 assigned in class

Sept 13 All vocab must be handed in tomorrow for ch 1

Sept 15 Questions for Mi'kmaq 7,8,9 due Monday. THose people who need to re-do, finish etc vocab ch 1 also due Monday

Sept 18 Questions 10,11,12 due tomorrow

Sept 19 Complete questions 13 -18  (Four of your choice due for tomorrow)

Sept 20 All questions including 18 are now due

Sept 25 Work on questionss 22 - 25

Sept 27 Tomorrow is last day to work on questions for ch 1. It is due Friday.

Oct 11 Be prepared to hand in vocab ch 2 tomorrow. Ch 2 concept cle should  be in your livret de concepts

Oct 20 You should now be at question 15 in chapter 2

Oct 23 Complete seigneurie plan and censitaire and seigneur part a

Oct 24 Chapter 2 work is due tomorrow at the beginning of the period

Oct 25 Finish concept cle for chapter 3 and ch 3 vocab for tomorrow

Oct 30 Complete questions 1-3 for chapter 3

Nov 1 Complete questions 4,5,6 stated in class

Nov 6 Questions from today on Fort Halifax etc due tomorrow

Nov 8 chapter 3 questions due Monday by end of class

Nov 14 Concept cle for ch 4 due tomorrow, vocab should now be due.

Nov 15 concept cle  ch 4 is done

Nov  17 finish your questions 1-5 ch 4


Études sociales 8 

Sept 13 Complete reading of pages discussed today and complete your concept sheet (except colouring)

Sept 15 Firstv 12 vocab ch 1 due Monday

Sept 18 Questions 1,2,3 due Wednesday as well as vocab ch1

Sept 20 Finish yor concept sheet for structure sociale

Sept 27 Finish concept cle for contacte interculturel and questions up to and including #6

Oct 11 Complete activity on Genes and be prepared to have questions 10 and 11 finished by Monday. Ch 1 work is due Monday at the begining of class.

Oct 20 Concept cle for Leonardo di Vinci should now be done

Oct 23  complete your corrections

Oct 26 Work on questions 1-6  ch 2

Oct 30 Complete questions 6-8 for chapter 2

Nov 1 finish your 2 questions from class today

Nov 6 Questions 1-9 due. we will work on the last 5 on Wednesday and package to be handed in next Monday.

Nov 13 ch 2 is now done and handed in along with concepts-cles sheets. Vocab for ch 3 should now also be in.

Nov 15 concept cles Martin Luther et la Reforme needs to be finished



Sept 12 Finish rough draft with corrections.

Sept 19 Complete 5 of the 11 verbs and all 5 verb tenses for Tuesday

Sept 25 work on your flag, your founding principle and your national anthem Due Friday

Oct 12 Should be ready to begin La France in your FLA handout

Nov 13 You have tomorrow tofinish your FLA erreurs package then we mark the next period

Nov 14 we are now done the bookelt and will mark on Thursday


Health 8

Sept 13 Finish reading pages 2-3

Sept 18 Complete Ben's schedule. Will have another 10-15 minutes in your group to complete the letter on wednesday

Sept 25 letter and schedule for Ben now due

Sept 27 review and add to your title pages for your portfolio to reflect who you are in grade 8

Oct 11 Work on your portfolio. Title pages for each section should be complete and you should be working on finding your artifacts for the different sections.

Oct 20 Be prepared to hand in your poster by the end of next period

Oct 23  finish poster

Oct 25 finish line Master 1-1 and 1-2

Oct 30 Finish Line master 1-3 and 1-4

Nov 13 All title pages for the various sections should now be complete and printed Put your name on the board when this is complete

Nov 15 Finish the explanation for the sentence that you created that demonstrates your relationship with food.


Sept 7 Finish your business letter for tomorrow  and bring in plan roough draft with corrections as well.

Sept 11 Work on ecrit expressif rough draft for tomorrow

Sept 12 Complete writing assignment that you worked on during class 

Sept 13 Complete assignment you worked on during class. Good copy of story is due Friday.

Sept 19 Lettre officielle #2 (le vote) must now be in

Sept 20 All your verbs for les verbes er and ir should be doone and organized.

Sept 25 work on your flag, your founding principle and your national anthem Due Friday

Sept 27 Research and plan for business letter #3 about existence of publicly funded catholic schools

Oct 11 Lettre officielle #3 due tomorrow at the beginning of class

Oct 20 Les forets du Canada should be done and your should have all activities for ch 2-3 of your novel also finished.

Oct 23 Finish chapter 4 activities and resume for chapter 5

Oct 24 All activities for chapters 1- 5 should now be in

Oct 25 Finish reading chapter 7 

Oct 30 complete activites for chapters 6 and 7. Read chapter 8

Nov 1 Finish your activities from ch 9 and 10 like we discussed today

Nov 8 Finish all activities for ch 13.

Nov 14 Complete ch 14 and 15 activities (except intrigue and liste de personnages)

Nov 15 All activities for ch 11-15 chould now be in. Work on your character list and plotline


Tips for Parents

How to help your child build/use their French  language skills?

1. Screen time negotiation - watch tv in French, movies in French set the device setting to French for iPads and other devices

2. No google translate - have your child use a dictionary and bescherelle

3. Vacation in a French speaking area and have your child be the family translator

4. Have family French nights - play games, learn expressions etc in French with your child as the leader

5. Read together - read a novel that is available in French and English and discuss it together
6. Attend functions in French organized by l'ACFA (Association Canadienne Francaise de l'Alberta) here in town
7. Subscribe to a French magazine such as Okapi, Geo Ado, Curium etc
8. Graphic novels or comic books in French are great for reluctant readers
9. Apps and games - many have French versions available
10. Music - many French-language popular singers are waiting to be discovered by your child in different genres of music


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