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Mr. Mick Pariseau -  

Weekly Spelling List – Monday, December 18 – Friday, December 22 – Please study the following words.  We will have a spelling quiz on Thursday this week where these 20 words from these four lists will be offered.

Monday – from, call, eat, bug, never, know, girl, every, sometimes, two

Tuesday – (“i_e, vowel pattern) ride, tire, quite, pine, glide, spine, twine, bike, price, invite

Wednesday (“i_e, vowel pattern)  vine, stripe, drive, strike, chime, dime, inside, shine, valentine, slide

Wednesday - (“i_e, vowel pattern)  twice, wipe, fire, pride, kite, wife, spike, smile, hide, wide

Reminders for the upcoming week:

Monday, December 18 - Advent week 3 liturgy @ 2:30 pm led by Gr. 4s, in the gym.

Wednesday, December 20 - Christmas turkey dinner for all members of school community; many hands will make things go smoothly - hot lunch parents will be here and guests from the board office and St. Martha’s Parish will likely attend.

Friday, December 22 - full day with comfy cozy dress up, bingo, Advent week 4 liturgy (led by gr. 6s), Crusaders’ Assembly, hula hoop class performance, and staff goodbyes.

2P Classroom: 

The 2P Home Reading Program continues to impress. We have read 1780 books or chapters thus far!! Please continue to supervise and participate with your child as they read, especially over the Christmas break.  Please make sure to sign off on, and send completed tracking sheets to Mr. Pariseau, so he can reward with trips to the Magic Box and track the class as we progress toward the goal of 5000 books or chapters read by June!

With all that is going on as a whole school community on Friday, we will have the spelling quiz on Thursday this week.




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