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For this school year, we are thrilled to announce that CCH has received a grant from the Alberta Healthy Schools Community Wellness Fund. Mr. Rob Jetten is our coordinator for this project, suppported by our counselor, Mrs. Patty Kroker, as well as the staff and student Wellness committee. The focus of the project is "HealthyMinds" - specifically, promoting good mental health in students and staff through awareness and education about anxiety, stress reduction and overall good health. Stay tuned to this link, where we will be posting ideas to promote healthy minds and healthy living!

Question: What is Comprehensive Health?
Answer: A framework for supporting improvements in student’s outcomes while addressing health and wellness in a holistic way. Realizing that it is not JUST the classroom that is important, but the whole school, division and community environment that sets up students for intellectual/academic success.

Five main understandings of wellness:

  • Emotional: acknowledging, understanding, managing and expressing thoughts and feelings in a constructive manner
  • Intellectual: Development and the critical and creative use of the mind to it’s fullest potential
  • Physical: ability, motivation and confidence to move effectively and efficiently in a variety of situations, and the healthy growth, development, nutrition and care of the body
  • Social: relating positively to others and is influenced by many factors including how individuals communicate, establish and maintain relationships, are treated by others and interpret that treatment
  • Spiritual: and understanding of one’s own values and beliefs leading to a sense of meaning or purpose and a relationship to the community

Stress Reduction

In order for us to preform at our optimal level we need to properly fuel our bodies. Nutrition plays a key role in allowing us to reach our potential. Proper nutrition can also help to regulate our blood glucose levels. Our brain is very sensitive to glucose so any methods we can apply to keeping glucose levels consistent will help our brains function better.

Receipe for a Healthy Smoothie

Wellness Fund/Comprehensive Wellness

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