Studio Photography and Publication (5 Credits) CTS I Academic Programs


Studio Photography and Publication is a five credit CTS course that will concentrate on the technical side of photography and publication. This class will be open to all grade levels. It will suit students who want to learn the techniques of using a dSLR camera right from the studio to post production, to publication and to print. The focus of the course will be on technical use of the camera, the lenses, aperture, shutter, lighting, setup and so much more than just the point and shoot cameras. Rather than the “Art of Photography” which is more the New Media side of things.
Some of the course we will cover, but not limited to:

  • COM1005 – Visual Composition (pre-requisite)
  • COM1205 – Photography – Introduction
  • COM1215 – Photography – Exposure
  • COM1275 – Photography – Digital Processing 1
  • COM2205 – Photography – Composition
  • COM2215 – Photography – Communication
  • COM2235 – Photography – Lenses
  • COM3205 – Photography – Lighting
  • COM3215 – Photography – Photojournalism
  • COM3225 – Photography – Colour
  • COM3245 – Photography – Outdoor
  • COM3275 – Photography – Digital Processing 2


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