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Big Fish

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I would like to support the students of Catholic Central Musical Theatre.

I would like to donate a new chair for the theatre. $75.00 per chair.

From the Director’s Chair

Big Fish is a wonderfully crafted musical - the story is relatable and a fabulous mix of fun fantasy and heartwarming family relationships and the music is amazing. It is a winning choice that the production staff instantly were excited to tackle; it is also a good choice as we were blessed - it doesn’t happen often - with enough amazing young men to be able to consider it!

“Dream, love, live BIGGER!” is one of the themes connected to the story and it is what theatre encourages us to do. For five months, students immerse themselves in acting, dancing, singing and stage craft which challenges them to grow and create entertaining, believable characters much bigger than themselves and to work together, crew and cast alike, to create a show of which they can be proud. Trust me when I say the costumes were a BIG task this year as well and we don’t just mean for the giant! We all learn about the balancing of life: academics, sports, rehearsals, marking, clubs, music lessons, jobs, finances, deadlines and sometimes when tired or frustrated, we ask WHY did I sign up for this? And the answer is because we LOVE it. We hope you do as well.

Laurie Mitchell



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