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From the Director’s Chair …
Laurie Mitchell

I sit here tapping my foot to some of the best music to come out of the Eggplant ever! Young or old if you enjoy the up tempo and nostalgia of tunes from the late 50’s and early 60’s – if Elvis and Ed. Sulivan are references you recognize – you are going to love this show! When I read the script I wondered if we should modernize it – it would work: think of Justin Bieber’s impact on the teens of today and I could use the Ellen Degeneres show…; however, the “happy days” of old are a special and a simpler time of “going steady” and “getting pinned” and joining the army and families sitting around the TV. together watching their favourite program - a more innocent time that is deserving of the effort and detail to be set in the proper context so we welcome you to join us as the teens of 2013 CCH take you on a trip back in time.

It is going to be a “REALLY BIG SHUU” with 34 actor-singer-dancers, a crew of an additional eight to ten students, another twelve in the orchestra, ushers, parents, teachers and volunteers with endless patience and abundant skills helping with set design, building and painting, costumes, makeup, poster makers, t-shirt designers, program creators, ticket masters, sound engineers, lighting designers, front-of-house management, publicity and a mother and daughter joining forces to choreograph a record number of routines. This show really represents a TEAM effort. This year we also welcomed Joanne Collier and Kyle Harmon who were both brave enough to join us mid-way through the process as we are also welcoming future fine arts babies into the world. We are so blessed to have the talents of these new teachers working on the show and with the students. The show represents a great deal of talent, skill, creativity and patience coming together in an effort to provide students with a wonderful opportunity to learn about musical theatre and to provide you with one very entertaining, “REALLY BIG SHOW”!

It’s been my pleasure!
Laurie Mitchell

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