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Notes from the Director's chair ... Kristen Balaski

It is my pleasure this year to direct the musical Cinderella. There are some great shoes to fill but I believe that this experience has been a success for all involved. My first thought when Cinderella was chosen for the musical is how we can make this classic musical into a different experience than what other drama companies have done. This is how the concept of a more modern interpretation came to be. This specific script was chosen because it has some of the funniest dialogue and I could picture making some of these characters come to life in the most outrageous way.

Rehearsals are the highlight of my day. We have such a talented group of students this year that it was a joy to watch how ridiculous we could make people look and act. You know it is a great day when each character can make you laugh so hard and keeps you smiling all day long. One of my favourite rehearsals was when we were working on Joy's famous laugh. I can only guess that I looked like some crazy woman as I demonstrated a few different laughs while Kaitlin, Mathea and Sophia gave me strange looks.

Another aspect that I love with a show like this is that each actor has his/her own moment to shine. Each of our chorus members have created a character who has a little back story, love triangle or small fight that happens throughout the show. It makes it interesting to watch the characters that have been created by the actors.

I also love that in this show we were able to think outside the box to fix issues. For example, instead of having students dress up like the four white mice (Can mice really get that big?), we researched and found that someone had created remote control mice as a toy for lazy pet owners. Who-ever created these are genius'!! The only problem we found was that when all mice are charged that one remote can control all of the mice, and this caused chaos!

Please remember that if the musical Cinderella has taught us anything, it is that all it takes is a great pair of shoes. Enjoy the show!

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