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March 5 - Opening Night to March 13, 2010 - Closing Night

From the Director’s Chair…

Let’s do Peter Pan this year. It’s a classic, a well-loved musical with fun and fantasy for all ages to enjoy – great idea! Wait…how big is the Eggplant? How can we fly with the grid and the audience right there? There are how many songs and dance numbers to fit into a schedule? How can we fit a Victorian nursery, a jungle, a cave and a pirate ship into….wait – what were we thinking?!? Perhaps the setting of NEVER NEVERland should have given me pause but alas I’m a grown up and a girl – we’re too clever to make mistakes you know.

This show is a testament to team work. Close your eyes and imagine “a place where dreams are born”… many detailed pieces coming together under the care and effort of many talented and busy people.

  • Piece one: I’m sure you will agree that our students fit and create their roles beautifully – even though we perhaps appear a little “gender-confused” it really works.
  • Piece two: The music has such variety, is so well rehearsed and is so fun you have to sing along once you hear it begin.
  • Piece three: choreography - Keep your eyes open for Pirates. Lost boys, Fairies, the Henny Penny Tribe – complete with authentic Blackfoot war cries- and of course the Darling family as they energetically dance their way into your hearts.
  • Piece four: costumes…a dog? a crocodile? I already mentioned the plethora of characters – sure we can do it – Mardi has half of the stuff in her house!
  • Piece five: set – let’s drive our designer crazy with such a demanding set. No problem she handled it with artistic flare, some volunteer dads and many cups of coffee.
  • Piece six: tech – Microphones, sound effects, projections, a new sound board, TINKERBELL, flying … what were we thinking?
  • Piece seven: orchestra – what will Tink sound like? Do we have a bassoon? What’s a celeste? Don’t worry Don’s got it covered.
  • Piece eight: publicity, tickets, front-of-house, posters, and programs - our staff can do it all.

Where all these pieces come together is “where dreams are born” and courtesy of the magic of theatre (and lots of grown-up work) we invite you all to “keep an open mind and [together we] will find Never Neverland.”

Laurie Mitchell - Director

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What a wonderful show!! I must admit, it was quite a different experience sitting and watching a show as a paying customer. It has been a long time, and I was very proud of all of you and what you accomplished. I am always amazed at what we do here at CCH.

To the set designer and crew ... outstanding. I know what it is like to attempt to move those large pieces in the dark and in a hurry but you all made it happen. That was one of the most elaborate and well untilized sets I have seen in my 10 years here. Very well done.

Costumes and make-up, WOW!! Unbelievable!! Oustanding!! I can't say any more. I don't know any more big adjectives.

Lighting, Sound, Direction, and Effects were on the mark and called to perfection as usual.

Muscially, what a talented group. This is the strongest group of singers I have listen to in several years. Well done Mrs.Singing Teacher Lady. The hard work and long hours do pay off now an then (this group could pull off Les Mis ... don't hit me). And I love the fairies. Their dancing added a very elegant flavour to the show.

Band Teacher Guy, your orchestra has been consistently improving over the last 5 years, and was fabulous again this year. You know your doing well when the audience (and I heard this comment after the show) forgets the music is live during the show, as I did on several occasions.

Having a sold out show was a testament to the hard work by production staff getting the word out. Media coverage was great as was all the advertising that went into the show.

But at the end of the day, once again, it came down to amazing, hard-working, risk-taking students here at CCH. I was so delighted to see so many first-timers join our ranks of "drama/art nerds". Wear the badge with pride. Football players, vollyeball players, singers, dancers, rugby players, and who knows what else. What a talented group you are. This show is great because of all of you students, and that is what it is all about. Enjoy the rest of the run.

Mr. Greg Wikenheiser

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