Director's Message

Dear Students,

Welcome to the 2016/2017 school year at Catholic Central High School. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for choosing one of our great Academy programs at Catholic Central.

You can be confident that you’ve made the right decision in choosing hockey, music or soccer as part of your academic program. In a Christ-centered environment, the mission of all Academy classes is to develop specific skills and positive attitudes towards sport and music. The Academies provide many opportunities for adolescents to develop career pathways in any of the three programs offered at CCH.

At Catholic Central High School we have made a commitment to providing quality coaching and instruction for all of our students. Our teachers and coaches will create an environment that excites learning and focuses on improvement. This is an opportunity to pursue your passion.

As you go forward this year, take full advantage of all the experiences within your Academy class. There truly is an endless opportunity to learn, to advance your skills and to become the best you can be. Work hard and challenge yourself everyday in some capacity.

For those who graduate from an Academy program this year, be confident in knowing that you will always be part of the Catholic Central alumni community.


Mr. Chris Leroux
Associate Principal/Director of Academies

Catholic Central High School has a vision to enrich the lives of all Academy students through challenge,
teamwork, competition and fair play. Students will learn and appreciate their Academy focus while representing
our school and the Catholic faith. Academy students will strive for excellence!