Catholic Central High School Creed Our School

We believe that  Catholic Central High School is

          a Christ-centered community of hope,
                   where we bring the light of Jesus Christ to others through
                   our words and actions, and model our lives after His;

          a community of welcome,
                   where we recognize the uniqueness of each individual as a child of God;

          a community of celebration,
                   where we respond together to God’s invitation to participate             
                   in building His kingdom and thus to become fully
                   alive in Him;

          a community of growth and learning,
                   where we strive for excellence in our educational program,              
                   in accordance with the School Act, the policies of Alberta
                   Learning, and the teachings of the Catholic Church, and
                   where we nurture one another’s gifts, supporting one
                   another in our strengths and weaknesses, according to
                   the example of Jesus Christ, Our Master Teacher;

          a community of guidance and empowerment,
                   where we help one another to follow the example of St.
                   Joseph, our patron, who led a life of patience, discipline,
                   and care, and who guided Jesus in His growth in wisdom,                
                   age and grace;

          a community of service,
                   where we freely share the gifts God gave us, in loving
                   service to one another, and reach beyond our community                
                   to those in need;

          a community of love,
                   where we respond to Christ’s call to “love one another as I
                    have loved you.”

We believe this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,
who lives and reigns with you and the
Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever. Amen

St. Joseph, pray for us!

One School, Two Buildings, Endless Opportunities

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