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Umps Lava Smoothie

250 g                          Raspberries
250 g                          Omega Low-fat Yogurt

15 tbsp                       Fine Porridge Oats
10 tbsp                       Vector Cereal
500 ml                        1% Milk
1                                Banana
3 tsp                          Olive Oil
3 tsp                          Honey
2                               Ice Cuble

Andy's Quick Fix/Power House

2                                 Kiwis
4 scoops                     Ice Cream
4 scoops                     Vanilla Yogurt

6 cups                         Assorted Berries
2 cups                         Fruit Juice

Orange Explosion

3                                 Oranges
175 ml                         Frozen Juice
25 ml                           Orange Gatorade

4                                 Creamsicles
2 cups                         Vanilla Ice Cream
Hint                             Orange Pop

Merry Berry Smoothie

2 Cups                         Mixed Frozen Fruit
150 ml                         Tropical Juice
150 ml                         Milk

150 ml                         Strawberry Yogurt
1 cup                           Ice
1                                 Banana
1 cup                           Strawberry Frozen Yogurt
2 tsp                           Whey Protein

Granola Yum Yum Fun

1                                   Banana
1                                 Apple
2                                  Oranges
2 Scoops                       Rolled Pats 
500 ml                          Milk
1 tbsp                            Maple Syrup
5 tsp                              Brown Sugar
175g                              Yogurt

Christian and Rob Smoothie

1/2 cup                         100% Fruit Juice
1/2                               Orange
4 tbsp                            Yogurt  
1/4                              Apple
1 cup                             Mixed Berries
1                                   Banana

Boo Yaka Booster

3                                  Bananas
500 ml                          Chocolate Milk
250 ml                           Red Bull  
100 ml                        Ice Java

Berry Blast

200g                             French Vanilla Yogert
3 cups                          Five Alive: Peach Citrus
                                    Frozen Berry mix with Peaches and Grapes  
1 scoop                        Vanilla ice cream

Orange Creamsicle Twist

1 1/2 cup                        orange juice
Touch of                         red rain power drink
Touch of                         orange Gatorade
2 cups                           ice   
1 cups                        vanilla ice cream
cup                            milk
2 tbsp                            sugar

Love shack

1 whole                          apple
3-4 cups                         vanilla ice cream
1 whole                          banana
4 whole                          strawberries
Sprinkle                         cinnamon

Passion Paradise

125 mL                          orange passion Guava juice
8 slices                         Frozen Firestone Peaches
125 mL                         Five Alive Berry Citrus
3 Whole                        Strawberries
3 Chunks                      Honey Dew Melon
Handful                        Ice
1 Cup                           Water

 Fruity Fun

200 mL                          Orange Juice
200 mL                         Orange Strawberry Banana Juice
1                                   Banana
Handful                          Special K vanilla almond Raspberries
100 g                             Peach yogurt
10                                 Strawberries
1 cup                             Ice
Lots                               Ice Cream

Blueberry Blitz

3 Scoops                       Ice Cream
1 Cup                             Milk
1 Cup                             Blueberries
1 Tbsp                           Juice
2 Tbsp                           Whipped Cream
3 Scoops                       Ice

Strawberry Surprise

200 mL                          Strawberries
350 mL                          Strawberry yogurt
100 mL                          Bananas
125 mL                          Raspberries
100 mL                          Green Apples
25 mL                            Peaches
250 mL                          Fruit Punch

Smarty Blast

Frozen Strawberries
Half                                Half box of Smartys
250 mL                          Chocolate Milk
500 mL                          Milk
500 mL                          Vanilla Ice Cream   

 Mixed Berry Blast

4 Cups                           Strawberry Yogurt
2 Cups                           Milk
3 Scoops                       Vanilla Ice Cream
2 Cups                           Mixed Berries

Fuzzy Sun

This fabulous shake won’t leave you fuzzy headed in the morning.
250ml orange juice
125 ml frozen yogurt
10 ml wheat germ
Combine ingredients and blend until frothy and sunny orange.

Strawberry Banana Bang

You’ll get going with a bang when you start you day with this breakfast shake.
125 ml strawberries (frozen or fresh)
1 banana
250ml low fat frozen yogurt
125ml milk
Blend all ingredients until smooth.

Tropical Power Punch

This tropical eye opener starts your day with a real punch.
125ml strawberries (frozen or fresh)
125ml pineapple juice
1 banana
250ml yogurt
125ml crushed ice
Blend ice and pineapple juice until is not chunky. Add strawberries, banana and yogurt – blend until smooth.

Berry Energizing

This drink will have you “berry” ready for action.
125ml blueberries
125ml strawberries
125ml milk
5ml wheat germ
5ml honey
250ml frozen yogurt
Blend berries, strawberries and milk, then add the wheat germ, honey and frozen yogurt, blend until smooth.

Jump Start Power Shake

This smooth shake is powerful enough to jump start any day.
1 banana
125ml milk
250ml frozen yogurt (strawberry, peach or vanilla)
pkg.vanilla instant breakfast mix.
Blend all ingredients until rich and creamy.

High Energy Shake

Blend together one choice from each category.  For example try 500 ml milk, 500 ml raspberries and 125 ml skim milk powder.

A)     500 ml milk
250 ml milk and 250 ml yogurt
250 ml milk and 250 ml ice cream

B)      3 banana
500 ml sweetened fruit
250 ml frozen fruit juice concentrate
60 ml Ovaltine or cocoa mix
1 pkg. instant breakfast

C)     125 ml skim milk powder

The Eye Opener

250 ml milk
5 to 10 ml instant coffee
1 pkg. vanilla flavored instant breakfast mix
1 slice bread or bagel (adds thickness and is a good way to boost carbohydrates)

The Quick Fix

250 ml orange juice
250 ml lemon yogurt
250 ml peaches (preferably frozen because they make the shake thick)
125 ml bran flakes

Vanilla Smoothie

125 ml milk
125 ml vanilla frozen yogurt
5 ml vanilla extract
8 Nilla wafers

Fruit Frappe

250 ml strawberries, banana or fruit of your choice
250 ml orange juice or any juice favorite
8 animal crackers
Dash of nutmeg (optional)

Maple Frosty

250 ml milk
6 square graham crackers
60 ml skim milk powder
30 ml maple syrup
6 ice cubes

Raspberry Lush

60 ml cran-rasberry juice concentrates
250 ml raspberries (preferably frozen)
250ml plain yogurt

Peanut Butter Powerhouse

250ml milk
125ml cottage cheese
30ml peanut butter
1 banana
5ml honey

Smoothie Blend Off

Honey Extravaganza

1 cup                Orange Juice
2/3 cup             Milk
3 tsp                 Honey
One                  Banana
2 tsp                 Raspberries
2                       ice cubes

Banana Raspberry Shake

1 cups          Milk
LOTS              Ice Cream
30                    Raspberries

 Justin and Hogan Daaz

1.5                    Bananas
16 scoops        Vanilla Ice cream
8                       Strawberries
1 cup                orange juice
1 cup                 strawberry banana Yogurt

 Mixture with Texture

2                       oranges
1                       banana
2 cups               frozen berries
1 scoop            frozen ice cream
1 cup                 canned pineapple
1 sliced             Apple
10                    ice cubes 

 Berry Boom

Frozen strawberries
Raspberry Yogurt
Fruit punch Juice
Black berries
Blue berries

Rob’s and Christian’s Smoothie

One quarter     Apple
One quarters    Banana
Three quarters Orange
4                       Strawberries
3 tbs                  yogurt
cup                juice
4                       ice cube
8                       pieces of pineapple  

Berry Blast

1 cup                Milk
1 cup                ice
1 cup                 Frozen mixed berries
cup                French vanilla Yogurt
1 teaspoon       sugar
 cup               orange juice

KLR’S Passion fruit Goodness Blend

1 cup                 Chocolate Marble Ice Cream
3 ml                  Vanilla Extract
1                      Banana
5-6                  Strawberries
1 cup                 Canned Peaches
1 cups          Minute Maid light Mango Passion Fruit
cup               2% milk
                     Icing sugar
5-6                   Large ice cubes

Peach Delight

2 cups               2% Milk
2 cups              Frozen Peaches and Mangos
1 cup                Ice
                     Fat Free peach Yogurt

Manly Mango

2 Cups (Bag of Mixed Fruit from Costco)
Firestone Peaches
Whole Strawberries
Pine Apple Chunks
Honeydew Melon Balls
Red seedless Grapes
200 ml Mango Punch
250 ml Mango Vanilla Yogurt

Smooth Starts – Create Your Own!

Here are the basics: put them together however you like to create you own power drinks!

Base- juice or frozen juice concentrate; milk, yogurt, frozen yogurt, ice milk or sherbet.

Fruit- Any combination of fresh, frozen or canned.  Frozen fruits add a nice, thick consistency. Great choices include banana chunks, strawberries, raspberries, cantaloupe cubes and sliced peaches.

Toby's Power Bar

cup ground flax meal
cup flax seeds
3 cups oatmeal
1 cup sunflower seeds
1 cup pumpkin seeds
cup sesame seeds
1 cup raisins
1 cup dried apricots
1 can sweetened condensed milk

  • Mix well with hands
  • Pat into greased 9*12 pan

Bake 40 min at 325F


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