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Education Assurance Measures Results - Spring 2022

Education Assurance Measures Results - Spring 2022
Posted on 10/11/2022
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Alberta Education provides school jurisdictions with the results of their previous year’s surveys in order to inform their educational planning for the upcoming school year. These results were previously referred to as the Accountability Pillar results. However, in September 2021, the government shifted the assessment process to an Assurance Framework that links both assurance and accountability. Through this updated model, education partners must demonstrate they are meeting their responsibilities across five (5) assurance areas: Student Growth and Achievement, Teaching and Leading, Learning Supports, Governance, and Local and Societal Context.

During the first meeting of the school year, the Board of Trustees reviewed the division’s Education Assurance Measures Results from the Spring of 2022.

“We are very impressed by these preliminary numbers,” notes Board Chair Carmen Mombourquette. “Holy Spirit consistently matches or out-performs the provincial average in all available measures listed below.”

 Assurance Domain Measure Holy Spirit
Current Results
Current Results
Student Growth & Achievement
Student Learning Engagement   86.3 85.1 +1.2
Citizenship   85.2 81.4 +3.8
 3-year High School Completion  90.7 83.2 +7.5
 3-year High School Completion - FNMI  65.1 59.5 +5.6
 5-year High School Completion  91.9 87.1 +4.8
 Teaching & Leading  Education Quality  90.7 89.0 +1.7
 Learning Supports Welcoming, Caring, Respectful and Safe Learning Environments  88.6 86.1 +2.5
 Governance Parental Involvement  81.6 78.8 +2.8

To see the Holy Spirit Catholic School Division’s complete Assurance Measures Results, visit the division website at: https://www.holyspirit.ab.ca/resources_publications/reports_plans

“I know that these promising results can be attributed to the work of our staff,” continues Mombourquette. “Even through these past challenging years, they have continually provided exceptional care to our students, ensuring that they have everything they need to be successful.”

While both Mombourquette and Sampson agree that these results are excellent, they note that there remains much work to do in the future.

“These statistics are always an excellent snapshot in time that provides us with useful information to move forward in our educational planning,” explains Sampson. “But we are already aware that the time periods that staff and students were away from school due to COVID have created some challenges - in learning, in mental health, and in community development. We know there’s work that needs to be done, regardless of what the numbers tell us. Fortunately, we also know that we are blessed by an amazing community that is dedicated to our students and their families. I have no doubt that our future results will continue to demonstrate that care and excellence.”

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