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2022/2023 Annual Education Assurance Results

Division Celebrates Annual Education Assurance Results from 2022/2023
Posted on 12/21/2023
AEAR Summary Report 2022/2023

During its Regular Meeting on December 20, 2023 , the Holy Spirit Catholic School Division’s Board of Trustees reviewed the finalized summary of its Annual Education Assurance Report from the 2022/2023 school year.  Some of the impressive results highlighted include: 

  • 95% of students agree that their school is a community that helps them to understand their Catholic Faith,  and 95% feel encouraged and given the opportunity to actively live their faith in the school and community.
  • 89.3% of our community reports that our schools are welcoming, caring, respectful and safe learning environments; well above the provincial average of 84.7%. 
  • 86.5% of our students are eligible for the Rutherford Scholarship, which is 14.6% higher than the provincial average. 
  • 73.6% of our First Nations, Métis and Inuit students are successful in their 3-year High School completion.  This is significantly higher than the provincial average of 57%.

“Students, parents, and teachers affirm that our schools are caring, welcoming, and safe places for students to learn and grow,” states Board Chair Carmen Mombourquette. “An item from the Assurance Report that really stands out to the Board of Trustees is the overwhelming number of students that actually graduate from our high schools. This over the top number is indicative of the commitment, passion, and dedication offered by our teachers and staff to our students each and every day and to the importance that our entire Catholic community places on the importance of high school graduation.” 

Adds Superintendent Ken Sampson, “The launch of our new Three Year Faith Plan, with the overarching theme for year one -  Arise: Pilgrims of Hope, has set the foundation for integrating our faith into every aspect of our school and divisional community.  Students and staff feel that our schools offer places where our Catholic faith can be lived and celebrated.” 

“Our dedicated and hard-working staff in school communities, with various central and external supports, have created safe, caring and nurturing environments that have paved the way for our students to be successful and to be the best version of themselves,” continued Sampson. “I am so grateful for this collaborative and inclusive structure in our Catholic communities and  am incredibly proud of and deeply indebted to our students, their families and our staff for making Holy Spirit Catholic Schools the spectacular division that it has become.”

To review the Annual Education Assurance Report, its summary document, or other division reports and plans, visit the division website at: https://www.holyspirit.ab.ca/resources_publications/reports_plans

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