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Office of the Superintendent
Full Name Position  
Smeaton, Chris Superintendent of Schools E-mail
Kawa, Rhonda Executive Assistant to the Superintendent E-mail
Gatner, Anisha Communications Coordinator E-mail

Office of the Deputy Superintendent
Full Name Position  
Sampson, Ken Deputy Superintendent E-mail
Linden, Carol Executive Assistant to the Deputy Superintendent E-mail
Jane Meaker Human Resources Assistant E-mail
Mauro, Polly Student Information Coordinator E-mail
Kinahan, Christine Receptionist E-mail

Office of the Secretary-Treasurer
Full Name Position  
Palmarin, Lisa Secretary-Treasurer E-mail
Ryall, Lisa Marie Executive Assistant to the Secretary Treasurer E-mail

Support Services
Full Name Position  
MacKinnon, Michelle Director of Support Services E-mail
Navratil, Cheryl Administrative Assistant, Student Services E-mail
Lethbridge-Gross, Anita Coordinator of Counselling & Wellness E-mail
Sander, Luke Division Psychologist E-mail
Sander, Daphne English Language Learning Specialist E-mail
Beler, Janice Behaviour Specialist Teacher E-mail
Eveleigh, Teresa Behaviour Specialist Teacher E-mail

Educational Services
Full Name Position  
Bartley, Joann Director of Religious Education E-mail
Avram, Becky Administrative Assistant, Religious Education E-mail
BruisedHead, Annette Division Principal of First Nations, Metis and Inuit Education E-mail
Larsen, Carmen Director of Learning E-mail
Wever, Tia Administrative Assistant, Educational Services E-mail
Parker, Jennifer French and International Education Consultant E-mail
Rolheiser, Kendra Homestay Coordinator E-mail
Boschee, Mark Off-Campus Coordinator E-mail
Brodie, Dianne Learning Coach E-mail
Knodel, Louise Learning Coach E-mail

Early Learning Services
Full Name Position  
Saler, Lynn Coordinator of Early Learning E-mail
Graham, Daryl Speech Language Pathologist E-mail
Groves, Megan Speech Language Pathologist E-mail
McBeath, Karen Early Learning Lead Teacher E-mail
Thomas, Sheri Early Learning Lead Teacher E-mail
Crooks, Christie Early Learning Home Visitation Facilitator E-mail
Kabayama, MJ Early Learning Home Visitation Facilitator E-mail

Business Services
Full Name Position  
Lindemann, Amanda Director of Finance E-mail
Ryall, Lisa Marie Transportation Coordinator E-mail
Bakenne, Abiodun Revenue Accountant E-mail
Fehr, Joanne Accounts Payable E-mail
Forchuk, Jenn Teacher Payroll E-mail
Gould-Hawke, Jennifer Support Staff Payroll E-mail
Thompson, Barb School Accounting Administrator E-mail

Plant Operations & Maintenance
Full Name Position  
Herauf, Mike Plant Operations Coordinator E-mail
Scott, Tim Health and Safety Coordinator E-mail
Sawchuk, Geoff Maintenance Supervisor E-mail
Cohen, Judy Head Caretaker E-mail
Reid, Robert Journeyman E-mail
Proc, Kris Maintenance Worker E-mail
Setoguchi, James Master Electrician E-mail
Fairbairn, Janet Maintenance Receptionist E-mail

Technology Services
Full Name Position  
Holt, Regan Coordinator of Technology E-mail
Zilke, Murray Systems Analyst E-mail
Morrison, Robin Technician E-mail
Elniski, Bruce Technician E-mail
Lohues, Shaun Technician E-mail

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