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Mr. Hauck

My name is Randy Hauck, I teach grade five and am one of the few who began teaching at FLVT since it opened in 1992. Recently, I retired from 25 years as a sessional instructor at the University of Lethbridge.  In college and University I competed in five different sports (Basketball, gymnastics, golf, Track and Field and Bowling). Currrently I coach badminton and referee basketball and volleyball. In 2014, I qualified and played in the Canadian Mens' Senior Golf Championship in Vancouver, BC. In 2016 competing in Niagara Falls, ON and I also qualified this year (2017) to play at Kanawaki Golf and Country Club in Montreal. I use these experiences to help students persue their passion and commit to doing their best in all that they do!


Following are websites that wll assist students in thier studies: