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Division Profile

The Holy Spirit Roman Catholic Separate Regional Division No. 4 officially came into existence on December 30, 1994. The school division was created as a result of the voluntary regionalization of five(5) Catholic school boards in the communities of Coaldale, Lethbridge, Picture Butte, Pincher Creek and Taber. On September 1, 2014 the Bow Island Catholic School District also joined the division. 

There are 15 schools and 2 outreach centres in the division that  serve a total of 5,079 students from kindergarten to grade 12, as of September 30, 2018.  Early learning programming is also offered in 11 of the 12 elementary schools to 396 children. Currently, Holy Spirit Catholic Schools employs 315 teachers and 311 support staff.

The division's central office is housed in the St. Basil Catholic Education Centre (CEC).  Daily administration is carried out by the Superintendent of Schools, who also serves as the Chief Executive Officer to the Board. The Superintendent is assisted by an administrative team consisting of the Deputy Superintendent, Secretary Treasurer, Director of Support Services, Director of Learning, Director of Religious Education, and  Director of Finance. 

Our Mission

We are a Catholic Faith Community,
dedicated to providing each student entrusted to our care
with an education rooted in the Good News of Jesus Christ.  

Guided by the Holy Spirit,
in partnership with home, parish and society,
our schools foster the growth of responsible citizens
who will live, celebrate and proclaim their faith.  

Our Catholic Faith is the foundation of all that we do.

Our Vision

Holy Spirit Catholic Schools...
Christ-centred learning communities
where students are
*cherished and achieve their potential.

*cher-ish vt 1. to cling to the idea of; 2. to hold dear; 3. to protect and foster

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