Our Division
Our Values

All God's Children

  • We nurture the inherent spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, creative, physical, and emotional giftedness of everyone in our schools.
  • We honour diversity.
  • Our schools provide a welcoming safe and accepting sanctuary.

Excellence In Learning

  • We provide opportunities for each and every student to discover and become the person God created him/her to be.
  • We will implement best practices in education to support the learning needs of all students.
  • We support and encourage the continued professional growth of all staff.
  • We support and encourage professional learning communities in all of our schools.


  • We see God and the wonder of God's work in everything we do and in all the people we encounter.
  • As disciples of God, we model Christ to the world.
  • We celebrate the presence of God in our schools through prayer, liturgy and symbols of our faith.
  • We practice Christian fellowship.
  • We promote and practice social justice, based on the teachings of Jesus Christ.
  • We believe in the importance of the sacraments and encourage the participation of our students in parish life.

Our Collaborative Community

  • We share the responsibility of education with our students, staff, parents, and the parish community.
  • We encourage and appreciate the active involvement of all who share in the mission of educating students in our schools.
  • We are committed to engaging our stakeholders, and will be receptive to and respectful of their input.


  • We employ people who share our commitment to our Catholic faith and the promotion of Gospel values so that our schools provide living witness to Jesus Christ.
  • We honour the commitment and effort our staff members provide to Catholic education.
  • We actively participate in the mission of the Church.
  • We provide opportunities for faith development.
  • We encourage and support the constitutional right to Catholic education.


  • We respect and protect God's creation.
  • We ensure that our resources and efforts best serve the needs of all our students.
  • We are accountable to our supporters and will operate in a fiscally responsible manner.
  • We ensure that decisions are both fact and policy driven.
  • We support and provide processes which promote fair and objective decision-making through a Catholic perspective.
  • We are open and transparent.
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