Human Resources
Substitute Teachers/Casual Staff

As a substitute teacher or casual/relief staff member with our school division, you will be provided with a username and password.  This information will be used to access the following:

  • Holy Spirit Email (small yellow envelope in top corner of our website) - where you will find your pay stubs, T4 and Here in Spirit newsletter, which features all available job opportunities. 
  • Personal Information System (found on our website under Human Resources/Staff Tools) -update your phone number and availability, and ensure that all of the days that you subbed in our division are recorded (if there is an ommission, please contact the school where you subbed to have it corrected prior to the end of the month cut-off).
-Substitute Teachers are required to complete a timecard, which can be obtained at any school office or the board   office.  This timecard must arrive at the board office by the last day of each month.
-Casual Support and Relief Caretakers are required to complete monthly timesheets, which can be obtained   below.  The timesheets must arrive at the board office by the last day of each month.

Listed below are links to information that will help all current substitute teachers and casual staff in our division.

Substitute Teacher Handbook

Substitute Teachers:  Professional Replacements - Integration into the School System

Substitute Teacher/Casual Staff Benefits Application


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