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This year, our Holy Spirit Catholic School Division has embarked on a journey to create a program that builds upon the quality programs that are presently offered to you and your family in our schools. Although addressing the needs of our students has always been at the forefront of the educational experience, the time has come to explore new ways to ensure students can be successful on an educational journey that is both exciting yet quickly changing in our modern world. To that end, this year the Holy Spirit family of schools is creating a Graduation Coach program to assist our First Nations, Métis and Inuit students and their families on this significant part of the journey.

Kelsey Kobza is the Grad Coach at Catholic Central High School-East Campus.  He has worked as a junior /senior high classroom teacher for 17 years, has been a Special Education Liaison, and a school principal for the previous 10 years within the school system.  


Kelsey believes he is working in a program that is a key part of the educational experience for students. "Thankfully for me I have been assigned to be involved with a program that, although is relatively new, has some wonderful personnel already in place," says Kelsey. "I have always been thankful of the work our First Nations, Métis and Inuit team does on behalf of students and families and I am learning more each day as I get a chance to be a part of their team."

Key characteristics of the Graduation Coach Program for First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Students:

  • Providing academic support for students and assisting them in navigating Junior/Senior High School
  • Providing mentorship to students in the areas of Academics, Faith life, post-secondary, work experience, and transitioning journey.
  • Providing a centre for students to work on their studies and to learn about scholarships, Post-Secondary program requirements, and part-time or volunteer work opportunities.
  • Providing nutritious snacks for students and a place to meet and be updated about what is going on at the school or in the community.
  • Assist schools with transitioning students between junior high school and the high school.
  • Dialoguing with parents about student programs, needs and areas of concern.
  • Celebrate and learn about the history, culture and traditions of the First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples
Students are tasked with:
  • Determining a plan for successful graduation and an exploration of careers they may want to pursue following their high school studies.
  • Consistently attending and striving to do their personal best in their 
  • Being active members of the school, our Faith community and outside the community.
  • Being positive role models for youth and the greater community by 
    actively volunteering and taking part in events.
  • Actively helping new students to the site as they transition from other schools or junior high.
  • Respecting authority figures, elders, and parents and remembering to both thank those that assisted them on their journey and giving back when they can to others.

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