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Religious Education

Religious Education

Religious education is an essential and integral part of the life and culture of a Catholic School. Like all schools, the Catholic school intends to promote the student’s development towards full adulthood. 

A Catholic School presents three fundamental idealistic dimensions:

1. an explicit and respectful presentation of the Catholic faith;

2. a priority attention to human relationships and the values and attitudes needed to build a relationship with God and community through the person of Jesus Christ;

3. the will to educate the whole person (physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual)

It is the special function of the Catholic School to develop in the school community an atmosphere animated by a spirit of liberty and charity based on the Gospel.  The Catholic school places at the heart of its educational purpose, the person of Jesus Christ.  He should inspire and animate every action in the school’s life.  We employ people who share our commitment to Catholic faith and the promotion of Gospel values.

Students in the Holy Spirit Catholic Schools follow the curriculum of Alberta Learning within a Christ-centered environment.  That community is committed to partnership with home, parish and community.  We recognize and value the diversity of our students and the school communities that we serve.

Our Schools Nurture a Gospel Climate Through:

  • The learning environment 
  • Youth Ministry
  • Catholic identity
  • Social Justice activities
  • Liturgical life 
  • Staff faith development
  • Faith in action
  • Student faith development

For our Students:

  • Daily prayers integrated throughout the day
  • Class celebrations and liturgies 
  • Retreats
  • Eucharistic celebrations
  • Community service
  • Christian Family Life/Health with Catholic perspective
  • Social Justice Projects
  • Priest visits to the classrooms
  • Stations of the Cross
  • Discipline based on Gospel Values
  • Collections for charities and missions

In our Programs:

The Catholic school aims at academic excellence in every area without excluding God from any area.

All students attending school (K-12) follow religious education programs approved by the Canadian Bishops. The K-9 programs (Born of the Spirit) are produced by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops.  Students in grades 10-12 follow programs produced locally (Alberta Youth, Search for Meaning) and approved by the Alberta Bishops.  Religious Studies 35, offered as a five-credit course, includes a service component.

Sacramental Preparation:

Parents are the primary educators of children. Teachers support this role and the role of the parish by providing remote preparation for the Sacraments of First Eucharist, Reconciliation and Confirmation.

Catechetical formation of the sacraments takes place in the parish under the direction of the pastor. The parish church as the centre of worship in the community is the usual place where all sacraments are celebrated.


The Alberta Human Rights Act requires a school board to give notice to a parent or guardian when courses of study, education programs, institutional materials, instruction or exercises include subject matter that deals primarily and explicitly with religion. 

All of the schools in this district are Catholic Separate Schools, the essential purpose of which is to fully permeate Catholic theology, philosophy, practices and beliefs, the principles of the Gospel and teachings of the Catholic Church, in all aspects of school life, including in the curriculum of every subject taught, both in and outside of formal religion classes, celebrations and exercises.

Every course of study and educational program, all institutional materials, instruction and exercises will at all times include subject matter that deals primarily and explicitly with religion.


All parents and staff are invited to contact the Director of Religious Education regarding any questions on the above information.

Telephone: 327-9555 or email Joann Bartley

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