Congratulations to all of the St. Mary's students who performed at the Spring Band Concert on May 15th.  All of the bands played very well.  Thank you to the Masters of Ceremony, Nichole Montemayor, Quim Castillo, Jocelyn Planger and Love Acojedo for a job well done.

Students renting a school instrument this year are reminded to return them to the school by Wednesday, June 12th.  Students are able to sign their instruments out for the summer, but they must fill out another rental agreement.  There is no charge to rent over the summer.

Students are also reminded that Wednesday, June 12th is the last day to hand in the June  Home Performance Assignment.   This last HPA is optional and provides an opportunity for students to make up for any HPA assignments they have not completed during the year.

June 12th is the last day students may redo any playing tests from the final term.

We would like to thank all of the parent volunteers who helped out in many different ways with the band this year.    Without parent chaperones, we can not go on trips like the grade 6 workshop  or the junior and senior band trips.   We also would like to thank all of the parents who helped with the Band Booster Club Meetings, as well as those parents who helped with the fundraising.   We appreciate your support of the St. Mary's Band program.

If your son or daughter is looking for something musical to do this summer, check out   This program has one or two week workshops available to grade 8-12 students.  Please see Mr. Makarchuk for more details.  The St. Mary's Band Booster Club can give a subsidy to students who enroll in this program.



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