Transportation Information

A number of our students take City of Lethbridge busses to travel back and forth from school. in addition to the complete City of Lethbridge riding policy that parents acknowledged during registration, please go to the Holy Spirit Schools website outlining transportation eligibility, routes, and fees.


Large Item Restrictions on School Busses

 It is an enforced Provincial  Regulation in place for Student Safety and as such is  monitored &  Governed with fines  involved for those operators who breech this protocol.


The legislation (AR 437/86 s 16) states :


16 Luggage, Equipment, Tools (ie; shop projects, large musical instruments, sports equipment & other school related large items)


(1)-shall not be carried to the interior of a school bus.

(2)- Not withstanding subsection (1)    where it practical to carry luggage, equipment or tools other than in the interior of a school bus, they may be carried in the interior of the school bus if they

(a) are stored under seats wherever possible.  (space there is backpack size and dimension.    Not available in all buses.  Nor are there securements.  See (c))

                                                   (b) do not block aisles or emergency exits

                               (c)  are secured in such a manner so they cannot be dislodged or move about the bus when the brakes are

applied,   during acceleration of the bus or in the event of an accident of the school bus.




1.        Students  are allowed to bring materials on the bus that will fit comfortably on their lap contained in a back pack.  Size and dimension of back pack 10” x 13” in width  22” in height is the maximum size allowable for each student.  The purpose of these measurements is to ensure that back packs or “storage item” does not intrude on another students space, extend into the aisle or go over the height of the seat in front of them.  If their item is safe and fits into this back pack, they are welcome to bring it aboard.

2.        There are some items which cannot be transported.  Skates without blade protection, hockey sticks, hockey bags, skis, large band instruments large school projects curling brooms, etc.  It should be recognized that the intent of restricting these items is directly related to safety concerns, as well as, the space and comfort of all students.

3.        In the event that a student attempts to bring items that are too  large, unsafe, or too many in number onto the bus, the driver will ask the student to return them to their place of origin; be it the home or the school site.


The purpose of this guideline is to clarify the regulations and expectations for School Bus Operators, Instructors, students and parents.


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