Mrs. Hay

Math 9BL -   Textbook    Answers    Glossary

You will have a summative "No-Calculator" Exam on Monday, April 15th.

You will have a midterm on Wednesday, April 17th, that will be on Chapters 1-4, and 10.

We will be starting Polynomials after the Easter break.


ELA 9CV - 

We are working on a Film Unit.

The Unit Exam will be on Monday, April 15th.

We will then be working on our next essay, that will be written and handed in prior to the Easter break. No lates will be accepted.

Part A of the PAT will be on Tuesday, May 7th.


ELA 8KH - 

We will be working on paragraph writing the week of April 15th, with an assignment to prepare for the Part A of our final exam, that is written the week of  May 5th.

Read from your personal novels, daily.


Math 8 - We will be starting Chapter 9 - Length, Perimeter, and Area after the Easter break.

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