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This teacher page will be updated as required based upon themes and lessons instructed throughout the year. Student assessments are entered in Powerschool and will be updated as assignments are completed. This will vary depending upon the nature of the work and required timelines.

Please feel free to contact me at my email or by calling the school at 403.327.3402. I will be happy to help you. Please know that emails will be responded to as soon as possible.

 Emails sent after the completion of the school day will not be opened until the commencement of the next school day.

  Revue de roman (Novel review) These are the due dates for the French Immersion quarterly independent novel reviews. These are hard due dates. No late submissions will be accepted.

#4 June 12  TODAY


Chapters 1-2 this week

Chapters 3-5 week of March 25

Chapters 6-7 week of April 1  Chapters 1-5 are to be handed in April 2

Chapters 8-10 the week of April 8

Chapters 11-13 the week of April 15 Chapters 7-10 due April 15

Chapters 14-16 the week of April 29 

Chapter 17 and end of unit activities week of April 6 Activities ch 11-16 due May 6

Chapter 17 and end of unit activites due May 13

Mai 23 We are working on pages 59-64, 68-69. They should be done by Tuesday.

Études sociales 7HD

Apr 8 We worked on questions 1-5 for ch 10

Apr 15 We completed the last 2 questions for ch 10. Your vocab for ch 11 is due Wed.

Apr 29 We completed questions 1-3 of ch 11 

You have a quiz for ch 9 on May 8 and ch 10 May 15

May 6 -completed questions 5-6 of chapter 11

May 22 The first 2 questions from ch 13 need to be completed by Friday.

Jun 3 Finish questions 1-3 ch 14



Études sociales 8 

Mar 8 You should have the activities for geo physique du Japon, La Grande Paix lors de la periode completed.

Mar 11 you should be working on the first 5 questions of your booklet for ch 4 as well as the concept cle for Confucius

Mar 25 all activities for chapter 4 are due Friday

Apr 3 Vocab ch 5 due Friday at the beginnig of class

May 6 Conitnued working on chpter 6 sheets and questions

May 22 continue working on your sheets and questions ch 6 as these will be due on May 29.




Mar 19 Novel study starts Prologue -chapter 3 this week

Mar 25  this week Chapters4-6

April 1 chapters 7-9 Chapters 1-6 due April 2

April 8 this week chapters 8-10 

April 15 this week chapters 13-15 Chapters 7-12 due April 15

April 29 this week chapters 16-18

Chapters and activities ch 13 -18 due May 6

End of unit activities due May 10

Mai 23 Working on pages 84-92, then 94-103. The first section should now be done.

Mai 28 Should now be done up all up to p.98


Mar 25 We completed ch 21-22 today and will have completed up to and including ch 27 on Thursday.

Apr 8 we are now done and will be working on the end of unit activities all week. They are due Friday.

Apr 15 You need to have your story map for your fairytale with you for tomorrow and should have an idea of how you may want to" fracture" your fairy tale

May 6 Remember to bring your dictionary and thesaurus from home for the exam tomorrow

May 22 Finish the poetry worksheets started with Mr. Gregory ( this includes the group activity).

Start working on the Poetry package  Lesson 12 :Allusions. Be sure to complete all the multiple choice questions from this assignment and get the questions done for Nothing Gold... completed for next class.

May 28 Allsusion poetry analysis package is now handed in  and by the end of the first ELA period tomorrow you shoud be doen the poetry analysis of In Service poetry analysis activities.

Jun 3 Complete If poems analysis

Religion 7MR

Nov 19 Any overdue or outstanding assignments are now due.

Jan 14 Have cardboard, pencil scissors for next class.

Mar 6 You need to have your rough draft of your letter to your family member finished and in hand for next Tuesday. We will be typing them using the Library computers.

Religion 7KE

Nov 20 Any outstanding or overdue assignments are now due.

Jan 7 you need cardboard, pencil and scissors for next class.

Mar 6 You need to have your rough draft of your letter to your family member finished and in hand for next Monday. We will be typing them using the Library computers.

Health 9LS

Fridays are portfolio work periods. Come prepared to work on your portfolio!

Portfolio is due at 12:30 on May 24 (tomorrow). This is a hard due date.

No lates will be accepted so use your time wisely and hand in your portfolio on time!

Tips for Parents

How to help your child build/use their French  language skills?

1. Screen time negotiation - watch tv in French, movies in French set the device setting to French for iPads and other devices
2. No google translate - have your child use a dictionary and bescherelle
3. Vacation in a French speaking area and have your child be the family translator
4. Have family French nights - play games, learn expressions etc in French with your child as the leader
5. Read together - read a novel that is available in French and English and discuss it together
6. Attend functions in French organized by l'ACFA (Association Canadienne Francaise de l'Alberta) here in town
7. Subscribe to a French magazine such as Okapi, Geo Ado, Curium etc
8. Graphic novels or comic books in French are great for reluctant readers
9. Apps and games - many have French versions available
10. Music - many French-language popular singers are waiting to be discovered by your child in different genres of music

Plagiarism 101 and How to Avoid It

When in doubt check this out!

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