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Novel review due dates for 2017-18. These are hard due dates. No lates accepted!

#4 June 8


Mar 2 all activities for Harry Potter up to and including ch 6 should now be done.

Mar 4 Where oh where are your activities up to and including ch 6?

Mar 6 Finish ch 7 activities

Mar 8 Complete all ch 8 activities for Tuesday

Mar 13 Finish reading ch 9 and start work on activities for the chapter

Mar 14 We are reading ch 10 tomorrow. Have ch 9 done.

Mar 15 Work on ch 10 activities

Mar 16 Finish ch 10 activities

Mar 19 work on your activities for ch 11

Mar 21 Finish your activities for ch 11

Mar 22 We have now finished ch 12. You know what's next. Every 6 chapters we ....

Mar 26 Ch 7-12 are due tomorrow. Then we read ch 13

Mar 28 Finish your activities for Nicolas Flamel chapter

Apr 9 Work on your chapter 14 activities for Harry Potter

Apr 11 Begin working on your ch 15 activities

Apr 16 Your ch 15  activities should now be done

Apr 17 continue reading ch 16. Tomorrow you are working on that chapter

Apr 19 Work on your chapter 16 activities for Harry Potter

Apr 20 Be prepared to read ch 17 on Tuesday

Apr 24 We have finished reading Harry Potter. Tomorrow, we complete the  activities for the chapter and move on to the culminating activities.

Études sociales 7

Mar 2 Continue working on your questions for ch 9. Congrats to those who have already finished!

Mar 6 Work on the next 3 questions!

Mar 8 Ch 9 is due Tuesday

Mar 13 Ch 10 vocab should now be complete as well as key concept

Mar 14 Finish reading up to page 226.

Mar 15 work on first 5 questions of ch 10

Mar 16 First 5 questions should be done for Monday. We start PEI

Mar 19 Finish the 2 questions for IPE

Mar 20 work on your 2 questions for ch 10 (Alberta and Saskatchewan)

Mar 21  Finish your 2 questions for Terre-Neuve

Mar 22 We are now done ch 10 so we are moving on the 11.

Mar 26 Start working on the first 4 questions of ch 11.

Mar 28 Finish question #5

Apr 9 Questions for ch 11 should now be done

Apr 11 work on questions 1,2

Apr 12 Key concepts are now due

Apr 16  You should now be done your first 4 questions of chapter 12

Apr 17 Reminder- you are continuing to work on chapter 12 questions for immigrants chinois etc tomorrow

Apr 20 Good job on getting your questions done. You are asking great clarifying questions.

Apr 24 Finish your vocab and key concept for ch 13


Études sociales 8 

Mar 2 Vocab for ch 4 Japon due Monday as well as concepts cle ch 9

Mar 7 Complete first 3 questions of ch 4 or the 3 concepts cles for ch 4

Mar 14 First 5 questions and concept cles should be done Friday

Mar 16 Both the 5 Questions and key concepts should now be done

Mar 19 Finish comparing Edo, Osaka and Kyoto 

Mar 21 Complete questions 6 and 7 from today

Mar 26 We did questions 8 and 9 today. The booklet is due Wednesday as are the 3 key concepts.

Mar 28 Your bboklet for ch 4 has been handed in as well as your concepts cles. Continue working on vocab ch 5

Apr 9 vocab for ch 5 should now be in and you should finish question 1 (les Ainous)

Apr 11 Work on your comparison chart or work on your concepts cles for Matthew Perry and Le VOC

Apr 16 After Friday's class as well as today's you should now be done  last week's 3 activities and the key concept for Shoin and Shozan.

Apr 18 You have Friday to continue working on the questions from Wednesday

Apr 20 Good work on your questions. Some of you asked good clarification questions! 



Feb 8 Finish your chapter summaries for the prologue and chapter 1 of Amos Daragon

Feb 13 All activites for Amos Daragon prologue and ch 1 should now be done.

Feb 15 Finish your summary, vocab and questions for ch 2

Feb 28 Work on activites for ch 3 of Amos Daragon

Mar 3 All activities for ch 4 of Amos Daragon should be done for Tuesday. we start ch 5 that day.

Mar 6 Finish your activities from ch 5

Mar 8 complete your activities for ch 6

Mar 13 should be done reading ch 7 and start activities for it

Mar 15 Activities for ch 7 should be

Mar 16 Ch 8 should be read and summarized

Mar 20 Complete your activities for ch 9

Mar 22 We have now completed ch 9 (and handed it in) so on to 10

Apr 11 Make sure you have reviewed your plotline and character

Apr 12 Continue working on your activities for ch 13. Remember work smarter not harder.

Apr 17 Work on your activites from ch 14. ch 10 through 14 are due Thursday. Congrats to those who are already done. 

Apr 18 You r next set of activities (up to 14) have now been handed in. Tomorrow we do Lecture acceleree 1 for quarter 4

Apr 20 La peur- should be almost done with this reading. You have next friday to finish and it's due by the end of class.

Apr 24 we read ch 16 and worked on the activities. We are reading ch 17 on Thursday so ch 16 needs to be done by then.


Health 8

Nov 29 Complete your food journals for Monday and the find andone and start ch 8d complete your 2 fooducation items as well.

Dec 11 Finish your goal setting review sheet, print it and put it into your portfolio

Jan 15 continue to work on your portfolio

Jan 24 Remember your signed letter for Human sexuality is due on Jan. 31

Jan 31 We are now working on the Human sexuality unit (still need some parent signatures)

Mar 28 Continue to work on your culminating activity for Human sexuality. You have 2 periods when we get back from break to complete it.

Apr 9 You have one more period to work on your culminating activity (Wed)

Apr 11 The culminationg activity is due Friday

Apr 16 Be sure to have some artifacts ready to work on for your portfolio for Wednesday

Apr 18 Continue to gather your artifacts for your portfolio

LA 9

Mar 2 All activities for ch1 and 2 should be done for Monday. We are doing ch 3 and 4 then.

Mar 5 finish all activities for ch 3 and 4 for tomorrow

Mar 6 We worked on ch 5 and 6 today.

Mar 8 All activites up to and including ch 9 need to be done for Tuesday

Mar 13 Please talk to your parents about Mme May's visit and the OSEF exchange meeting that will take place on Monday March 19 at LCI if you are interest in the program.

You should have taken at least one accelerated reading test by now. If you haven't, get reading

We will work on activities for ch 10 and 11 tomorrow because of our guest speaker today

Mar 14 read ch 12 and 13 if not done

Mar 15 complete the activies for ch 12 and 13

Mar 16 By now you should have at least one AR test done. The end of term is fast approaching!

Mar 19 Complete your activities for ch 14

Mar 20 Activites for ch 15 should now be done and ready to be handed in

May 21 Complete your activities for ch 16

Mar 22 Ch 17 and 18 are done. Tomorrow we read and take tests. Great day 9CH! Good job.

Mar 26 Finish your work from ch 19 -20. Tomorrow we do 21 and 22

Mar 28 Finish your horoscope activity and be prepared to read tomorrow for both periods.

Apr 9 continue working on your ch 23 and 24 activities. Also, Friday is your last day for AR tests before report cards are due.

Apr 12 Rememder tomorrow is your last chance to take AR tests for this term.

Apr 16 Work on your activities for chapters 27 and 28.

Apr 17 ch 27 and 28 should now be done. Tomorrow you are starting 29 and 30.

Apr 19 Thanks for turning your questions. Hope you enjyed the free period you earned for submitting all your assignments this past quarter!

Apr 24 ch 31 and 32 should now be complete. Tomorrow, we are finishing the novel with chapters 33 and 34


Tips for Parents

How to help your child build/use their French  language skills?

1. Screen time negotiation - watch tv in French, movies in French set the device setting to French for iPads and other devices

2. No google translate - have your child use a dictionary and bescherelle

3. Vacation in a French speaking area and have your child be the family translator

4. Have family French nights - play games, learn expressions etc in French with your child as the leader

5. Read together - read a novel that is available in French and English and discuss it together
6. Attend functions in French organized by l'ACFA (Association Canadienne Francaise de l'Alberta) here in town
7. Subscribe to a French magazine such as Okapi, Geo Ado, Curium etc
8. Graphic novels or comic books in French are great for reluctant readers
9. Apps and games - many have French versions available
10. Music - many French-language popular singers are waiting to be discovered by your child in different genres of music


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