Mr. Harper

Hello and welcome to classroom 117! My name is Mr. Harper and I am teaching Math 7, Science 7, Religion 7, Science 8 and Math 8. On this page you will find a link for my webpage, reminders of homework or upcoming exams, and general information. You can contact me via email at or by phone at 1-403-327-3402. I am looking forward to having a great year and hope all of you are as well!

Math 8 - Students are currently working on rates and ratios. As a wind up project to our last unit students must plan, budget for and calculate the percentage paid for each item in their party. The group with the best plan gets to run their ice cream project next week.

Science 8 - Students are currently working on their cells and systems unit. 

Science 7JH - Students are currently making a working seismograph. It is due on Wednesday, December 12th. 

Math 7JH - We are currently working on multiplying decimals.

7KR - Students are participating in a celebration on Thursday, December 20th. They should have brought home a letter with a brief description for parents.

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