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                                                                                      Our Monsters                                                                                            

          Spoonly is a scary monster that lives in a haunted house in the mountains.  He has a multi-coloured face, with stripes from the top of his head to his nose.  From there down, he has three triangles of different colours.  His nose is turquoise and his horns are yellow.  He has a small, narrow mouth full of tiny, sharp, orange teeth.  His eyes are red with orange pupils.  He likes to swim and catch fish to eat.  Bugs, and tiny animals are part of his diet, too.  If anyone comes near his haunted house, Spoonly scares them away.



          Heart is a friendly monster that lives in a cave by Henderson Lake.  She has turquoise fur, a green nose and multi-coloured horns.  Her small eyes are green, too.  Her wide mouth is full of tiny sharp teeth.  Corn, strawberries, and fish are some of her favourite foods.  She goes to the farm at night to pick corn and strawberries, but she catches the fish herself.  Heart has a lot of monster friends that come to visit.  They dance around the park, and swim in the lake where they catch fish.  They also play on the playground with the children that come by.  Heart and her friends are nice, and the kids love to play with them.



          Henry is a friendly blue monster that lives at the water park in Waterton.  He has orange horns, bushy, black eyebrows, and big red eyes with green irises and blue pupils.  His nose is green.  He has a huge mouth with deep gums, a large pink tongue and long, khaki-coloured fangs.  He eats strawberry ice cream, chocolate, and sometimes broccoli, which he gets from the store.  He likes to go rock climbing and play with children that go to the water park.  Henry makes friends easily and is helpful to them.



          Friendly is a friendly monster that lives by the North Saskatchewan River in Edmonton.  He is blue with matching horns and a black nose.  His mouth is full of sharp, red teeth.  He small eyes are crossed.  He likes to go swimming in the river with his family and monster friends at night.  He also likes to play baseball, and with his toys. He makes sushi for himself and his friends to eat.  Sometimes he barbecues ribs that he eats with a big bowl of salad.  Friendly also spends time in the park looking for new friends to play with him.



          Bob is a friendly monster that lives in a cave by the river.  He has dark blue fur, white horns, orange eyes and a green nose.  His large, red mouth is full of sharp, grey teeth.  His red tongue is very long.  He likes to play at the park with friends during the day, and sleep at night.  His favourite food is chocolate ice cream, but he also eats fruit and veggies that I take to him.  Bob enjoys making friends with people.




          Nolan is a scary little monster that lives in a cage at the back of my closet.  His fur is turquoise, and his horns match.  He has a small mouth full of sharp, red fangs, and a red nose.  His eyes are blue, and he has grey eyebrows.  I let him out every night to go play soccer with his friends at the field close to our house.  He always comes back to sleep before I go to school, and never causes trouble.  I feed him leftovers and other food that I don't like, like vegetables and dry, stale bread.  Nolan is really good in science, and he helped me build the boat for my science project.



Good is a scary monster that lives in a tree in Henderson Park.  He is covered in orange fur and has lots of sharp, yellow teeth in his wide mouth.  His eyes are big and brown and his right eye is a bit larger.  His two horns are yellow, and his big nose is dark red.  He is about my size.  He eats fish and plays in the playground at night before he goes to bed in the morning to sleep for the day.  Good is pretty lazy so he only scares people who are up very early in the morning.



          Flump is a big, scary monster that lives in a cave in the coulees by the river.  He eats flowers and grass when he's out during the day.  He also plays on the playground in the river valley.  He really likes the slide.  He is very colourful.  His fur is many different colours and he has a green mouth with red teeth and a yellow tongue.  His blue nose has green warts on it.  Even his eyes are two different colours.  Flump scares people away from the playground every time he's there.



          Jack is a really big, scary monster that lives in a hole in the ground near Henderson Lake.  His fur is red and he has a wide mouth with little, sharp, yellow teeth.  His eyes are very colourful and he has red horns and a blue nose.  He likes to swim in the lake during the day, so he sleeps at night.  People run away from Jack because of his terrifying teeth.



          Sarah is a friendly monster that rents a room at the Holiday Inn.  She orders salad from room service in the hotel. She likes the waterslides and uses them every weekend with her monster friends.  Her fur is blue, purple, yellow, pink, and aqua green.  She has sharp grey teeth.  She has blue eyes with red around them, and purple and pink horns.  Her nose is red.  Sarah likes to wear bows by her ears, especially for fancy occasions.


          Tom is friendly monster that lives in a huge cave located in the middle of the forest in Waterton.  His fur is yellow and blue.  He has sharp yellow teeth and his pink tongue is always sticking out of his smiling mouth.  His nose is turquoise, and he has dark green eyes.  He wears a big black hat between his orange horns.  Tom also has large green ears.  He eats fruit and meat, but his favourite food is mint chocolate chip ice cream.  He always plays at a fun playground when there are no kids around.



          Jerica is a friendly monster.  Her fur is purple, pink, turquoise, and light blue.  She lives in a cave in the river valley.  She has sharp teeth, light blue eyes, a pink nose, and orange horns.  She eats animals such as cottontail rabbits when she goes out at night.    She also likes to play with other monsters at night.  Jerica sleeps during the day and stays away from people.



          Felicia is a friendly monster that lives in a Disneyland hotel.  Her fur is yellow.  Her teeth are round and she eats vegetables, fruit and treats such as candy, cake and cupcakes.  Her eyes are cute, her horns are pink, and her nose is turquoise.  She wears a purple and pink flower beside her ear, which compliments her pink cheeks.  She is very friendly and likes to play with her friends.  She makes friends easily and loves baking cookies, which she shares with her very best friends Hailey and Bailey.  Felicia and her friends like to watch movies such as Sing.



          Chloe lives under the slide in Henderson Lake Park.  She has pink fur; an overbite; with fangs; big, black puffy eyes; a pink nose; and white horns.  She likes to bake cookies, cake, and bread.  She eats grass, leaves, and other plants.  She likes playing grounders and watching movies with her friends.  She plays on the playground at night and sleeps all day.  Chloe is friendly and likes making new friends, and playing with everybody.



          Max is a friendly monster that lives underground beside the river.  He is orange and has a few blue teeth.  His eyes and horns are also blue, but his nose is yellow.  He also has thick eyebrows and a moustache.  He eats apples, strawberries and meat that he gets from the store.  He likes to play with his friends and go to the park to play.  Sometimes, he goes to his friend's house where they watch movies and have a sleep-over.  Max goes to sleep at sundown, and gets up in the morning to go to school.



          Jesse is a friendly monster that lives in a cave in the coulees.  He has purple fur; small blue eyes; sharp, pink horns; and a purple nose.  His mouth is large, and full of shiny, pointed teeth. He eats watermelon that he buys at Walmart, and he likes to spend time with his family.  In his spare time, he likes to draw and paint, and watch movies.  Jesse sleeps at night, and plays at the park during the day.



          Henry is a friendly monster that lives in the basement of my house.  He has blue fur and his horns are orange-yellow.  He has big blue eyes, light pink eyelashes, and a blue nose.  He walks around with his tongue sticking out of his large mouth.  He has long, sharp, yellow teeth.  He eats worms that he digs up from the ground and any bugs that he finds.  For fun, he likes goof around, and play practical jokes on his friends and family.  Henry sleeps during the day, and stays awake all night, watching funny shows.




Monster is a scary monster that lives by the lake in Waterton.  He has turquoise fur with a red nose and pink horns.  He has small blue eyes and a big mouth full of sharp yellow teeth.  He roars every morning when he gets up.  He likes to scare the tourists that go to the lake, so he hides in the boats and jumps out when they are on a boat trip.  He spends a lot of time swimming and catching fish to eat.  Monster also likes to play Hide and Seek with his monster friends.



Fuzzball is a small, friendly monster that lives in my house.  She has pink fur, mauve horns and a turquoise nose.  She has eyes like Minnie Mouse, and a small mouth with yellow teeth.  We play tag, and Hide and Seek together.  While I'm at school, she plays with the other friendly monsters that also live our basement.  She likes to eat vegetables and fruit.  She likes to help my mom bake cake and cookies, and she is very good at cleaning up.  Because she is fuzzy, she is great at dusting.  It's handy to have Fuzzball around the house.








Scary Larry is a scary monster that lives in a haunted ghost town.  His fur is striped turquoise, pink, dark blue, yellow, and dark pink.  He has red eyes, and his nose is green.  His horns are turquoise.  He has a large mouth, with blood dripping from his teeth.  He likes to snort at people to scare them.  At night, he and his monster friends play soccer at the old town field.  He eats mice that he catches around town.  If he's really hungry, he will go hunting in the forest for deer, and even bears.  Scary Larry easily falls asleep wherever he is, but he prefers the grass, or climbing into a really big tree.


Fadi is a scary monster that lives in my basement.  His fur is green, and he has a large mouth that's full of pointy, white teeth.   His blood-shot eyes are peach-coloured, with green irises, and his nose is peach, as well.  His horns are light brown.  He has thick, black eyebrows.  He likes to eat worms and birds that he finds in our yard when it's raining.  His friends come over at night, to swim with him in our kiddy pool, and they really scare anyone that comes by.  He usually sleeps in his bed in the daytime, and takes his friends hunting in the forest at night for bear cubs.  Fadi leaves us alone, and doesn't bother us.






Matt is a scary-looking monster that lives in an underground cave near the river.  He has orange fur, a green nose, with red warts, and blue and yellow blood-shot eyes.  He has thick, black eyebrows and blue horns with pink circles at the base of them.  He has an overbite, with dull brown and tan fangs.  Matt grows and eats special orange bananas with blue skins in his cave.  He also eats fruit and ham and eggs that he buys at the store.  He makes all kinds of sweets including apple pie, cookies and ice cream which he shares with his monster friends.  Matt easily makes friends with fish in the river and people he meets.



Apple White is a friendly monster that lives in a cave in the forest.  She has red and yellow fur, striped red and yellow horns and a yellow stripe down her red nose.  Her eyes are small and brown, and she has long eyelashes.  Because she has no teeth, she eats soft foods like bananas, mashed potatoes, and apple sauce, which she buys at the store.  She likes to play at the park in the river valley with her monster friends during the day.  At night, she sleeps in her cave.  Apple White likes to read fairy tales before she goes to bed.






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