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In keeping with the Alberta School Fees and Cost Regulation (2017) which describes approved school fees, we are sharing our current fee structure for students who attend St. Patrick Fine Arts School. For the complete Administrative Procedure on School Fees in Holy Spirit, please click here.

Kindergarten Mandatory Fees

Activity Fee $40.00
School Council $10.00

Total $50.00 per Kindergarten child

Grades 1-6 Mandatory Fees

Activity Fee $22.00
Agenda Book $7.00
Technology Integration $5.00
School Council $10.00

Total $44.00 per gr 1-6 child

Co-curricular/Learning Enhancement Fees - these are the maximums we will charge when those activities take place:

Basketball team - $25.00
Volleyball team - $17.00
Running Club - $12.50 (optional if you wish to have a team shirt in the Spring)

Divison I Choir - $15.00
Division II Choir - $15.00

Me to We trip - up to $42.00 (grade 6 club members may be eligble)

Grade 6 CASA field trip - $20.00
Grade 6 Year end trip - up to $40.00

Grade 5 Optional Tap Shoe Rental - $10.00

Grade 5 Electric Car kit - up to $15.00

Recorder (instrument) - gr. 4,5,6 - up to $11.00

Dance Team Hoodie - up to $35.00 (optional)

Student Yearbooks - up to $20.00 (optional if offered this year)
Christmas Concert Tickets - up to $7.00 each
Christmas Concert digital video recording - up to $18.00 (optional if offered this year)


For more information on our fee schedule, please contact the office at 403-327-4386. Payments can be made as soon as the charges are posted to parent accounts in School Cash Online. To create your personal account, please visit and follow instsructions or call the office and someone will assist you.



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