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Here are some links that may be useful to parent and child alike:


For practising those weekly spelling lists:

For creating really cool text effects for your written assignments, guaranteed to impress:

To write, illustrate and publish books, children and adults alike. You can leave your book on-line and not pay for the publishing.

To view the Earth, bottom of the ocean, surface of the Moon and surface of Mars, your street or the roof of your house:

TIP: When allowing your child to use Google, be sure to turn on the Safe Filtering features. If you turn on Strict Filtering, it will keep out even the names of unwanted sites. Look in 'Preferences'.

To turn 2D drawings into dramatic 3D renderings, use:

TIP: When searching for video and images, add the term 'Creative Commons' to your search. Information as to copyright with the pictures will be available for giving proper recognition and credits.

For top-notch educational programming, tools and learning, go to BBC Schools:


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