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Kindergarten Mrs. Forrest

June 15th, 2018

"Children learn to smile from their parents."  -Shinichi Suzuki

We are now finished studying all of the alphabet letters!  We are now having lessons on a "farm" theme.  We will meet Chester the Chick and Lambchop as our puppets this week.  In printing, we are working on the lowercase letters. In centres, we will draw and write farm animal names, make farm animals out of geoblocks, sort and match farm animals, play a farm game on the I-Pads and paint a farmer's field in a landscape watercolour painting.  In gym, we will play the bees and flowers game and "Planters and Eaters".  We are also sometimes going outside to practice recess with the older grades.  In Religion, we will learn about the parable of the sower and the seed and the parable of the mustard seed. We will continue to review numbers 1-10.  Please refer to the rhymes that we use for each number listed below.

Please refer also to upcoming dates and supplies listed below.

If you need to contact me during the day or to report your child's absence, please call the school and leave a message.  I am not usually able to check emails until after supper!

These are the rhymes we will learn to print the numbers:

1: Big line down and then you're done.  That's the way to make a 1!

2: Big curve line and a little line will do.  That's the way to make a 2!  Or: Around and back on the railroad track.  Two! Two!

3: Around a tree, around a tree.  That's the way to make a 3!

4: Little line down and over, down once more.  That's the way to make a 4!

5: Little line down, then around, hat on top and 5's a clown!

6: A big line down and a hoop are the tricks.  That's the way to make a six!

7: Across the sky and down from heaven.  That's the way to make a seven!

8: Make and "S" and do not wait.  Go back home and that's an eight!

9: A hoop and a line make a naughty nine!

10:  Straight line down with a zero at the end.  That's the way to make a ten!

Please review these at home for extra practice.

Sign up at the link below for kindergarten volunteer jobs:


A 2017-2018 school year calendar can be found online on our school webpage under resources and publications.

For snack, I encourage you to send a napkin with your child.  This way, they can spread it out on the table like a "picnic cloth" and all of the crumbs fall onto the napkin.  The napkin is then folded up and discarded leaving less of a mess behind.   Thank you for trying not to send "junk" food to school (e.g., pop, chips, cheezies, etc.) as our motto for healthy snack foods is "Fresh is Best!".


School fees are due in September:  Kindergarten is $40.00  ($40.00 for transportation fees and $10.00 for School Council).  Please pay online on your "School Cash Online" account.  Please see the school webpage for how to create an account.

***Please make sure to read the school newsletter each month (available online on the school home page) for additional school information.***

Library Days:  Library day for the morning class will be on WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY for the afternoon class.  The children will be allowed to borrow one book each week.  Please return the library book on or before library day each week.  There is a purple bucket by the classroom door for them.

Check out our new school mindfulness website at:

Important Dates to Note:

Thursday, June 7th:  Field Trip to SAAG

Monday, June 11th: PD DAY

Tuesday, June 12th:  All home reading books due back

Wednesday, June 13th:  Favorite Character Dress Up Day

Thursday, June 14th:  All school library books due back

Thursday, June 14th:  Scientists in Schools present "Backyard Bugs!"

Monday, June 25th:  Kindergarten Farewell/School BBQ at 5:30 p.m.

Tuesday, June 26th:  Sports' Day (AM)  LAST DAY FOR KINDERGARTEN 8:35-11:50 a.m.


Morning Kindergarten: 8:35-11:50 Monday-Thursday

Afternoon Kindergarten: 12:20-3:35 Monday-Thursday 

NEW: 2018-2019 School Supplies:  The only school supplies you need to provide for your child are: 

*1 box of large Ziploc bags – Morning Class

*1 box of small Ziploc bags – Afternoon Class

*1 package of 8 Crayola crayons

*2 glue sticks (large) - STAPLES, ELMER OR UHU brand

*1 bottle of white glue -  STAPLES or ELMER brand

*1 Hilroy small notebook/light blue/no lines on the pages –at Staples

*1 9”x12” 32 page Scrapbook (North American Paper Incorporated)-at Staples

*1 pair of small 5” scissors (C RAYOLA/FISKARS or STAPLES brand)

*1 SHARPIE Marker (AM:any bright colour; PM:black)

*1 pair of headphones, not ear buds, compatible with I-Pads (label with name)

*1 box of Kleenex

1 pair of running shoes that can be left at the school (please put your child’s name on them)

1 lunch kit to bring snack (label with name)

1 backpack for carrying mail/library books (label with name)


1 leak-proof water bottle (to keep in their backpack-label with name)

You do not have to label the Ziploc bags, Sharpies, crayons, scissors, Kleenex, glue bottle or glue sticks as we will be combining these items for everyone to use.  Please label their shoes, backpacks, water bottle, headphones, lunch kits and personal clothing (e.g., coats).  It is important for your child to be wearing footwear at all times while in the school.  If there were to be an emergency fire drill, or an actual evacuation of the school, there would not be time for putting on shoes.  Also, it is quite common to forget to bring shoes during boot weather.  We put our boots on the shelf in the front entrance.  By having an extra pair of shoes that remain at the school, your child will not find him/herself stuck without shoes.  Please send runners, not sandals or slippers, for inside shoes.  I also like them to have a water bottle in their backpack so they can get a drink throughout the day as we do not have a drinking fountain in our classroom. 

***All personal clothing items that come to school (e.g., coats, mitts, etc.) should be labeled with your child's name.***



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