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Mme Chruscinski-Demory


Welcome back! It will be a great year filled with new learning and experiences. I will be teaching the Grade 5/6 FSL programme.

The fine arts are being integrated into the curriculum. They include drama, music, dance and the visual arts. There is an emphasis on project based learning as we embark on bringing everyone to our school/classroom table and walking together.

A great digital website that covers greetings, colors, numbers, clothing, and other vocabulary in grades 4, 5, and six. This site has self correcting audio games, great for practising your pronunciation.

 A place to practise your oral and comprehension skills is the BBC French website. Here, basic vocabulary and conversation games like How are you or How old are you can be practised on line.

Muzzy Online is an awesome site for practising all curriculum related topics.

Login:alberta  Password: alberta4MuzzyOnline

The Telus 2Learn site has all the curriculum themes for grades 4,5, and 6.

 We will use these and other sites throughout the year.

The Radio Canada website for young people is an excellent introduction to the games and activities young people in Quebec love best. Try some games or listen to some of the audio clips. 

Here are some French survival vocabulary and sentences to get you through the first few days of school.

1. Est-ce que je peux aller a (+rooms in school)

2. Est ce que je peux avoir (+ objects in the classroom)

3. Regardez!

4. Ecoutez!

5. Ouvrez!

6. Fermez!

7. Montre moi.

Basic Vocabulary

1. 1-20

2. Au revoir

3. Non

4. Oui

5. Merci

6. S'il te plait.


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