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Div I Choir 2017

This choir is open to students in grades one to three and operates from September until early June, under the direction of Mrs. Jessica Ens and accompanist Mr. Zain Solinski.  During the year, choir members are introduced to group singing techniques and experiences.  The choir performs several times during the school season and members will receive notice of each date as soon as bookings are confirmed.  The usual dress code for choir is black pants and a long sleeved white top, but may change.  Dark shoes and socks should also be available for stage performances.  Green Vs or vests are often included as part of the performance attire.

Rehearsals are held one day per week during lunch recess.  Choir members are expected to attend rehearsals regularly and on time, strive to be attentive to the Director's instructions, and make sincere efforts to develop good choral singing skills.

Older student volunteers are helpful and invited to assist with attendance, collecting name tags and notices, supervising during rehearsals, taking photographs or videos, etc. This is a great way for older students to give back to their Div I Choir.



St. Patrick Fine Arts Elementary School offers a choral program for the students in Grades Four to Six. The director is Mrs. Packham and the accompanist is Mr. Zain Solinski.

This senior group is open to all students in grades 4, 5 and 6 to begin or to advance their choral singing experience. Rehearsals are 1 morning pre-school and one lunch recess per week. Performances occur both in our school community and the community at large.

This choir, while demanding a greater level of participation, pays back with invaluable experience with harmonies, multiple melodies and increased complexity of songs.

Div I choir c


Running Club

Running club typically runs both in the Fall and in the Spring and is co-ordinated by Mrs. Beaudin, Mrs. Rosner and Mrs. Ens. We encourage all students to participate; most students walk and run. We keep track of the accumulated kilometres and make them available for the students. The accumulated kilometres can be used at the optional Runner's Soul Kids' Marathon in the spring. For information on the Little Souls Marathon, click here.

The students run as much or as little as they choose and we stop the running before the bell so they have some time to play and cool down for class. Students may join at any time, but we encourage them to come regularly. We also need some more parent volunteers to cheer the runners on. Please feel free to come at either or both noon hours and join in the fun!

 Schedule: September - October, before school 8:15 - 8:35 A.M., Tuesday - Thursday
PLUS some lunch recesses (listen for announcements)

May - June, before school 8:15 - 8:35 A.M., Tuesday - Thursday
PLUS some lunch recesses (listen for announcements)

Parent volunteers are more than welcome! Please contact identified staff leaders at the school once annual information is published in our newsletter.

Running Club 2017


Art Club

Division I (grades 1, 2 and 3) are invited to join Art Club for Tuesday lunch recessess in a given month. September begins with grade 2s led by Miss Moore.

Tasks are specially designed to be started and ended in a short period of time and embrace sound instruction in not only art for leisure, but foundational art concepts. More information can be found in our monthly newsletters. Note that Division II students have LAUNCH class options that lend themselves to developing their more mature interests in art.

Robotics Club

Meet Dot and Dash! Students in Robotics club learn more about coding for easy to use app-based robots (all materials provided). In the older grades, students may compete in regional or international competitions to see how their skills match up against their peers. The format for this club is always evolving, so check our monthly newsletter for more information including grade grouping and start dates.

Basketball and Triple Ball (Volleyball)

Our grade 6s can play on competition teams representing our 'Crusaders'. Triple Ball is a great entry into volleyball for young people and runs from late September to the end of October. Practices and games are usually 2 times per week after school. Player fees purchase a team jersey (t-shirt) to play in and then keep after the season.

Basketball runs after Christmas for a couple of months in the same schedule. For both teams, the kids play against other Catholic school teams in Lethbridge as well as any exhibition games with other schools. Player fees purchase a team jersey (t-shirt) to play in and then keep after the season as well as to share in paying for referees.

Non-playing students can volunteer to scorekeep our home games. Please see Mrs. Hanna for more info on this volunteer opportunity.

Watch for more information in future newsletters.


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