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Though Mrs. Primeau considered being a scientist, soldier, or policewoman, she was sure since the time she was an elementary student here in Lethbridge that she would become a teacher. She has now been  teaching for 20 years between St. Paul, St. Patrick Fine Arts, and St. Paul again!  Mrs. Primeau is always on the move; soccer, dragonboating, badminton, walking, running, lifting weights, and teaching fitness classes.  St. Paul's is lucky to catch that lightning bolt, where she teaches her students to be the best they can be and to become independent.  Mrs. Primeau loves the excitement and enthusiasm her students bring.  Grade Ones love being in her class because they have fun knowing it's okay to make mistakes and they can try, try again; the learning comes in the journey! 

Please visit  Mrs. Primeau's Wikispace.


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