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Early Learning Program

St. Paul School offers an exceptional Early Learning Program. Students have access to the school library, gymnasium, playground facilities and all other resources in our school.

Early Learning programming will be developmentally appropriate for children aged 3 & 4. Children will engage in play-based and hands-on, experiential learning activities designed to meet individual needs. Opportunities to develop independence and skills in making decisions, cooperating with others, and problem solving will be integrated into all aspects of the program. Personal, social, gross and fine motor, creative and cognitive development will be addressed through a variety of first-hand experiences.

Children with special needs will be full participants in the program, playing and learning along with typically developing children. Community services will be accessed to design individual programs, and qualified teaching assistants will support the children in their learning.

Meaningful parental involvement will be encouraged through direct participation in the program.

Program contact information:

 - Early Learning Program Leader 403-328-0611 - Lee Hollingsworth 
Lynn Saler  (salerl@holyspirit.ab.ca) - Early Learning Coordinator - 403-327-9555


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