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My hope is this page will help both students and teachers with their research, as well as inform you about any changes happening in the library. I will also be blogging about new books and resources that the library has acquired.

Commonly Used Websites

St. Paul School online catalogue.

If you wish to go directly to the school library catalogue, click the book icon in the upper corner of this page.

Alberta Education Online Reference Centre. http://www.learnalberta.ca/OnlineReferenceCentre.aspx 

This site contains many useful databases such as Amazing Animals of the World, The Canadian Encyclopedia and Culturegrams. It is a great place for students to start their research projects.  Check it out! You may have trouble accessing this site from home. If so, contact me and I will be able to give you the password.


 The trouble with using Google to find information is you get so much information it is hard to find good information. Try using Factsurfer; it returns only a few results, all suitable for students.

accesslearning  http://www.accesslearning.com/index.cfm


September 10, 2013

Rocky Mountain Book Award nominations are out. Students-this is your chance to help decide which book should win the award. The Rocky Mountain Book Award is the only childrens book award which is decided on by children! All the books nominated are by Canadian authors and illustrators, and are intended for young people in grades 4 to 7. To see the list of books check out this website:  http://rmba.lethsd.ab.ca/  We can't possibly read all the nominations, so I will be taking suggestions and select 5 or 6 books to read. Which ones do you think look interesting?

September 4, 2013

Most of you have been taught to use the online catalogue as the place to help you locate books. This is also true in our library, but if you have trouble finding a book, please ask me! I am rearranging the library to help students find books, but my cataloguing changes have not neccessarily kept up with the physical changes. For example, I have created special locations for graphic novels, FNMI books and certain series which have multiple authors and thus would be shelved in multiple locations. Examples of such series are the "Dear Canada", "39 Clues", "The 10 Most..." and "You wouldn't want to be...." books.


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