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St. Paul School Multi-Age Information - Sep 07,2015

St. Paul School is excited to be continuing on our multiage journey for the 2015/16 school year. In a multi-age program, students of different ages and abilities are placed in the same classroom to learn. The program is student-centred, focusing on the continuous progress of each student. Throughout the school year, please watch for more information about what multi-age learning looks like, as well as invitations to open houses and other events that will highlight our multi-age classrooms. For more information on multi-age classrooms, feel free to stop by the school office for an information pamphlet.

For a brief overview of multi-age classrooms, please visit the links below:

Quick Video on Multiage Learning: 


What Is Multiage? (handout)

Multiage Parent Information Presentation (St. Paul School - June 2015)

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