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Chris Smeaton Honoured with Blackfoot Name - May 21,2014

Holy Spirit Catholic Schools is proud to announce that Chris Smeaton, Superintendent of Schools, was honoured today with his own Blackfoot name, Natoo’minnii, meaning Sacred Wings.  

The request for the Blackfoot name came from Kainai Board of Education as they celebrate their 25th Anniversary.  “It came about because of our great friendship with Chris and Holy Spirit,” said Annette Bruised Head, Principal of Kainai High School.  “He has continued to build a great relationship with Kainai Board of Education.  His commitment to success for all students is very evident and we appreciate his commitment to working directly with our school leaders.”

I’m very honoured for Kainai Board of Education to have chosen Children of St. Martha’s School for this naming ceremony event,” said FNMI Support Worker Christina Fox.  “Chris has always supported the First Nation’s culture and he’s never missed our annual Pow Wow.  I’m very proud of him receiving this name.  It completes our circle.” 

Chris Smeaton added:  I feel extremely blessed to be provided the honor of a Blackfoot name. It is one of the greatest honors that I have received in my educational career and I am most grateful for those who have bestowed it upon me. In particular, I would like to thank Peter Strikes With a Gun, who performed the naming ceremony today.  I have learned so much during my time in Blackfoot territory and recognize the wonderful culture and tradition that we live with each and every day. Today is truly a blessing!”

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