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Stained Glass - A Gift and Legacy - Feb 28,2017

Trustee Ken Tratch has recently presented an amazing stained glass creation to the Board of Trustees of the Holy Spirit Catholic School Division.  This piece will be prominently displayed in the board room at the St. Basil Catholic Education Centre and is the third piece of artwork that Mr. Tratch has gifted to the division. 

According to Ken, "I did not want this symbol to be just a depiction of the traditional dove, it had to be alive and jump off the glass; a symbol that one would notice as they came into the board room and glanced at the light through the windows."  Between the designing, the seeking out of suitable glass from his travels across the province, and the final steps of cutting, grinding, wrapping and soldering the pieces together, this project was a labour of love that took approximately 16 months to complete.  The result is a work of art that speaks to the gifts and the legacy of both the artist and his Maker.

To learn more about the Mr. Tratch's notes on the design of this and the other two stained glass creations he has gifted to the Holy Spirit Catholic School Division, visit:



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