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Faith Plan

Faith Plan

Our faith plan is more than our religious education program or having our meaningful Masses, services, and celebrations - it is a way in which all of us, staff, students, and school communities, can work together to enhance the Catholic culture of our schools, to bring each other closer to Christ, and to animate the experiences we share together. It helps to sustain us in times of challenge and reminds us of the source of our shared joy in times of celebration.

Holy Spirit Catholic Schools first developed a Faith Plan in 2010 based in work that was completed with Bishop Henry around shepherd leadership. This initial plan was based in Luke 24 (The Road to Emmaus), and was organized around the theme “Are Not Our Hearts Burning Within Us?” This was followed with the 2013-2016 Faith Plan, “Taking Our Place at the Table,” which focused on Catholic Social Teachings. The 2016-2019 Faith Plan, "Growing in Faith Together" (GIFT), saw the expansion and more detailed development of the plan, and for the first time, had a unifying image that was revealed over the course of the three years. The 2019-2022 Faith Plan, “Making Our Mark - Journey of an Intentional Disciple,” grew out of GIFT both thematically and visually. This plan focused on intentional discipleship and the papal writing Gaudete et Exsultate (Rejoice and Be Glad) at its core.

The arc of our Faith Plans has led us on a profound spiritual path. We started out on the road to Emmaus in our first faith plan, trying to answer the question “Do you love me?" We then reflected on if we were ready to take our place at the table and if we were ready to welcome others. We looked outward at a horizon of hope and recognized that hope is Jesus. Our third faith plan was designed to deepen our relationship with Jesus by studying his life in scripture, exploring different forms of prayer, and serving him by sharing our bounty. In our faith plan for 2019-2022, we sought to understand that growing in our faith and deepening our relationship with Christ is a never-ending journey, and that we are all on a path to holiness.

In our new faith plan, we have found ourselves at the door of the church. We are choosing, together, to listen to the Lord, to build and commit to the common good, and to then go out and proclaim the Gospel.

Faith Plan Timeline

Our Three Year Faith Plan for 2022-2025 

Faith Plan for 2022-2025 - Arise! Pilgrims of Hope


Year Two: Build! Pilgrims of Hope

Year Two of Faith Plan - Build! Pilgrims of Hope


Year One: Arise! Pilgrims of Hope

Year One of Faith Plan - Arise! Pilgrims of Hope

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