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Teaching for Conceptual Understanding

Teachers are supported as learners within their schools and the division.  They model positive learning dispositions for their students, such as questioning, seeking information, considering  new ideas and perspectives, and taking risks.  Professional judgment is informed and strengthened through collaboration.  Teachers engage in reflection in order to affirm successful practices, refine those that show promise, and aspire to continued professional learning and growth.


Meaningful learning opportunities require students to go beyond memorization to thinking critically, collaboratively and creatively. Students construct generalizations and gain deep and transferable understandings through focus on concepts - organizing idea that help us understand our world - and the connections between and among them. As learners engage with content through the competencies, they build skills and dispositions needed for personal and professional success. Students and teachers thrive within cultures where all are respected as capable thinkers.

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As Professional Development becomes more common in digital formats, we are beginning to gain access to more connections with the other learning consortia in the province. The ARC site has links to each of the regional consortia within Alberta outlining all of the Professional Development sessions offered throughout the school year.

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The ATA PD page includes extensive information on Specialist Councils, Conferences Conventions and planning for Professional Learning. The ATA website also provides the ATA Library's web guides which are filled with information in all subject areas of the Alberta curriculum.


SAPDC is one of seven Regional Consortia in Alberta established by Alberta Education to provide professional development, in-service and training opportunities to school trustees, superintendents, administrators, teachers, support staff, councils, and schools.

The SAPDC website is a great portal to learning opportunities in our area. Sessions are offered in a variety of formats and at various times throughout the day. As well as access to face to face sessions, there are links to online professional learning opportunities such as webinars, Moodle courses, podcasts, videos and video conferencing. To learn more about upcoming learning opportunities check out the SAPDC PD Calendar 

Digital Resources for Learning 

Our learning coaches are here help! For more information regarding professional learning please contact Learning Services at 403-327-9555 and be sure to check out our professional learning library resources.





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