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The Right to Disconnect

In today’s highly connected world, we have ready access to digital devices that allow for instantaneous communication to anyone, at any time. While, for the most part, the technology to allow this to occur has been a blessing, it has also presented many challenges, which have inadvertently led us to a place where there is an unspoken expectation to be connected at all times. Meanwhile, we have had the experience of unprecedented change and imposed medical protocols throughout the pandemic that have placed significant stress and strain on our staff. This is not terribly unlike what families have experienced in their own individual contexts. As a result, there are unintended consequences which, as a society, we must now address - namely increasingly high levels of anxiety, worry, depression and in some cases, burnout.

Our teachers, administrators and support staff are dedicated professionals and will respond to queries during “off” times when their attention should be directed to recharging and devoting time to their personal lives.

Employers cannot expect employees to attend to work duties outside of working hours. As a result, and effective immediately, Holy Spirit Catholic School Division will be instituting what we are referring to as the Right to Disconnect (weekdays from 6:00 pm to 6:00 am, and during weekends). The same expectation applies across our division and this includes our family communities as well.

Our school staff are employed to support our families in providing our students with the very best Catholic education possible. Given the very nature of the operation and management of schools, it is unreasonable to assume that school staff will immediately respond to a phone call or any other form of communication (email, text message, social media post, etc.). What we have deemed to be reasonable, however, would be a response to an inquiry within a 24-hour period of time. This shift in culture will require understanding and support among colleagues and equally importantly, our parents and guardians.

This will be yet another unique year that will require our continued gratitude and grace as we work together toward our shared goal of providing safe learning environments where all feel supported by each other and our faith. I want to whole-heartedly thank you for your understanding and cooperation, as we endeavour to build a culture of wellness that is considerate of a healthy work-life balance.

The Right to Disconnect - Weekdays from 6pm-6am and weekends.

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