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Improving Our Schools’ Communication with Home!

Holy Spirit Catholic School Division uses SchoolMessenger to improve our schools’ communication with parents and guardians.

This service does not replace other school communication methods. It is simply intended to extend beyond what we’ve traditionally used to ensure timely communications and reduce the amount of papers being sent home. Principals and teachers will still be available for face to face meetings and some paper notices may still be sent home occasionally.

In the meantime, we’re excited to announce that two new methods of communicating with our students’ families using SchoolMessenger have been launched!

Text (SMS) MessagingPicture of hand holding mobile device asking people to text "Y" to 978338.

  • Did you receive a text from us?

    When a new mobile number is entered by the school, within 24 hours, a text should be sent to that number asking if you would like to subscribe.

    Simply respond with your preference:
  • Type “Y” or “Yes” to receive messages by text.
  • Type “N” or “Stop” if you’d prefer not to receive messages by text. You can do this to unsubscribe at any time.
  • You haven’t received a text and you’d like to?

    You can always subscribe to receive texts from the school by sending a “Y” to 978338. You will receive a notification that your opt-in is complete if successful.
  • Do you have a new or different device you’d like to receive texts to?

    First, make sure your child’s school has this new number in their system! You should receive a message in 24 hours asking you to respond with a “Y.” If you don’t, send a “Y” directly to 978338. You will receive a notification that your opt-in is complete if successful.

*While this service is free, standard message and data rates may apply. Please check with your device’s data provider if you have any questions related to charges.

SchoolMessenger AppVisual of how the blue School Messenger App appears in the App Store.

The School Messenger App allows parents to:

  • Access important school notifications 24/7/365
  • Set your communications preferences for calls, emails, texts, and more
  • Receive all kinds of school messages in one single app (classroom and group updates, activity alerts, school and division notifications)
  • Review your messages on any device (smartphone, laptop, etc…)

To get started: 

  • Download the SchoolMessenger App:

    Download the SchoolMessenger App from either GooglePlay or the Apple Store (make sure you pick the version with the blue logo).  You can also download the app, or set up your account, from http://go.schoolmessenger.com.
  • Sign up for an account:

    Make sure you enter the email address that the school has on file for you. This will allow the app to find all of the students associated with you. Also, make sure you select “Canada” as your location.

Picture of bottom of login screen.  Indicates user should select the Canada toggle on the right.

  • Set your preferences:

    When you first log in, click on the hamburger icon in the upper left corner of your screen and select “Preferences.” For each category, you can select how you would like to be notified:
  • School Hours Emergency –For urgent messaging during school hours
  • Non-School Hours Emergency - For urgent messaging before and after school hours
  • Attendance – For calls regarding your child’s attendance.
  • General – Day to day information from the school.
  • Enable push notifications:

    Even if you turn off most types of notifications (phone, text, email), you can still receive those messages through push notifications on your phone.

    To set your push notifications, click on the  hamburger icon in the upper left corner of your screen. Select “Settings,” then “Push Notifications.”

    Click on all of those boxes for which you would like to receive push notifications on your device.

Picture of spot within app that allows parents to select preferences of how they'd like to be contacted.

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